Local dojo cleans up at ECU tournament

Published 11:17 am Wednesday, June 4, 2014





Washington Daily News


GREENVILLE — Seven of the Washington Karate Academy’s finest fighters recently competed in the 16th Annual Open Martial Arts Tournament at East Carolina University, taking home honors in a variety of different events, age groups and belt divisions.

The local dojo improved upon its earlier performance in the Kinston with an 18 medal showing in Greenville.

Blake Lee, fighting out of the age 16-17 brown belt division, had a memorable day on the mats. Sensai David Warren’s oldest fighter took home first-place in the empty hand kata (forms), weapons kata and sparring, securing the sweep.

In the age 14-15 green belt division, Daniel McVicken also picked up a first-place finish in empty hand kata, while finishing second in weapons kata and sparring.

Jazmin Vegan and Tianna VanCura both competed in the highly coveted age 12-13 brown and black belt division. Vegan picked up first in empty hand kata and second in sparring, while VanCura finished first in sparring and second in empty hand kata.

Patrick Tyler had a memorable performance as well with two first-place finishes (weapons kata and empty hand kata) and a bronze medal in sparring in the age 10-11 white to yellow and orange division. His sister Lillie closed with two silver medals.

The final competitor, Sydnet Chrisman, fighting out of the age 9-11 boys and girls green belt division, picked up a silver, bronze and fourth-place finish.