Write Again . . . The “unmentionable” topic?

Published 8:57 pm Monday, June 23, 2014

Okay. Alright, now. This is it. I mean, I’m going to do it. Write about it.

And (we are taught — were taught?) not to begin a sentence with “and” but I did, and now I’ll continue with my thought, which was, is, this bit of scribbling on my part will probably cost me readers. Readers? Well, maybe one or two of my three readers.

The topic? That which is rending the fabric of some of our churches. The “Conservative Diaspora.” You know, the we’ll-find-another-church or let’s-start-a- new church movement.

The homosexual thing. Gay marriage. Ordaining gay ministers, preachers and priests. Installing gay bishops. And other such calamitous manifestations that will surely cause the sky to fall.

So now you think you know where this Old-Timer-in-Training stands on such issues. No, you don’t. Nor is it important.

What my perspective is on such matters is, simply, that there are a lot of other things we confront as a society, a culture, a country, that are more worthy of our attention. At least so it seems to me. You can name some. Most of us can.

Here are just a few challenges confronting us today, in no particular order.

Such as hunger, right here in the good old USA. Homelessness. Millions of our fellow citizens without adequate health care, and that includes dental. Obesity.

And half of all traditional marriages not surviving. Children being raised in homes without a father figure. The usage of inappropriate language, both spoken and in so-called music lyrics.

The lack of discipline and respect for teachers in some of our schools. The lack of discipline and respect for authority figures in many parts of our society.

The unwillingness of some — individuals and corporations — to be good stewards of our earth’s valuable resources.

An aging, inadequate transportation infrastructure, often dangerous, in far too many places. The horrors of increasing firearms violence.

The startling imbalance in wealth distribution in our land, which cannot auger well for the future of our children, and our children’s children.

Are there even more concerns out there that we face, or refuse to face? You know the answer to that.

All of this which I have mentioned, albeit only superficially, is not meant to imply that the main “topic” brought up herein is not important. It is important to many, and there are good people on both sides. Maybe, just maybe, there is even a third side.

My only contention, opinion, perspective, is that there are other concerns more immediate, more pressing, and more worthy of our passion.

And … I respect your opinion, especially your right to hold it, whether or not you accord me the same right.

So it is.