Local Cubs participate in day camp

Published 7:41 pm Wednesday, July 16, 2014

GRAND OLD FLAG: Local Cub Scouts learned how to properly fold an American flag at the annual Cub Scout Day Camp held in late June.

GRAND OLD FLAG: Local Cub Scouts learned how to properly fold an American flag at the annual Cub Scout Day Camp held in late June.

From Robbie King, Blackbeard District of the East Carolina Council

Blackbeard District of the East Carolina Council held its annual Cub Scout Day Camp in a Pirate Adventure at Green Acres Campground, Bear Grass, on June 23-25. The Scouts from packs around the area worked on scout skills, nature, games, pool time, BB shooting, archery, boating and crafts along with presentations about “Dangers of the Deep” and music from Pamlico Joe and Pamlico Kid.

Each age group worked on items for their rank requirements for the upcoming year. Cub Scouting is divided into four groups, starting with Tigers that are raising first graders. Wolves are going into the second grade. Third graders make up Bear ranks while fourth graders make up Webelos 1 and 2. Dens are led by a minimum of two adults and one older scout as a den chief.

Daily, the groups made up of six to eight scouts would participate in scheduled activities at different times. Scout skills would teach them about tying knots and how to properly take care of the United States flag. Dens rotated each morning and afternoon in raising and lowering the flag to practice things they had learned. During this time, they also recited the Cub Scout law and oath.

Crafts would teach each scout how to make and decorate a pirate hat, build a birdhouse or kaleidoscope wooden project donated by Lowes Home Improvement Center, and make leather wristbands. Neckerchief slides were also made out of preformed clay in the shape of Blackbeard himself. Each den participated in building/decorating its own pirate ship to be used in the closing day pirate water battle.

Nature taught each group about different plants and animals found in the eastern North Carolina area, extinct animals, ecosystems and professional opportunities. Each group participated in a nature trail hike where different trees and plants were pointed out. The scouts were also shown how to tell the age of a tree and how it was affected by the weather in growing each year. The trail also showed each group different ecosystems in the lake at Green Acres. Along the trail, cubs saw a couple of non-threatening snakes and how turtles would sun on top of logs.

The pool was a scout favorite in which some worked on learning how to swim while others strengthened skills. Miniature golf and horseshoes where taught and practiced to learn the rules of the games and how to play. Safety is most important on the BB and archery ranges in which everyone is taught how to properly shoot BB guns and arrows from a bow. Some scouts that had been to camp before have practiced at home and improved tremendously in their ability to hit the targets. Boating taught the scouts how to row and properly fold sails as if they were on a ship from way back in the day.

Roanoke Aquarium staff presented a program about “Dangers of the Deep,” which include facts about how few people go to the bottom of our oceans and how shark species eat food differently because of the type of teeth they have. Pamlico Joe and Pamlico Kid visited on Wednesday with popular songs about habitats on the Pamlico. Audience participation songs kept the scouts intrigued. Each den put together a skit or song for a closing campfire while staff led cheers and told pirate stories.

The camp culminated with the den-made pirate ships put in a circle and each matte’ (cub scout) given a water ball and allowed to throw it at the other ships to simulate a pirate ship battle. Everyone on the ships really enjoyed the sudden rain shower as the battle was going on.

Blackbeard District of the East Carolina Council holds the day camp each year for Cubs in Beaufort, Hyde, Tyrrell, Washington and Martin counties. It happens from the Leadership of Toni and Rob Jenner and many other volunteer adult parents within these areas. If you would like to know more about a local pack in your community go to BSASCOUT.org.