Write Again . . . And see the cotton fields

Published 7:44 pm Monday, August 11, 2014

Early on a weekday morning. Late summer. Sitting on the back porch with Beau, our Boston Terrier. Both of us have grown old. Together. We enjoy the quiet pleasure of each’s company.

A cup of coffee. Maybe two. The morning paper, already read. The news on TV checked earlier. Seems people on the planet aren’t getting along too well with one another. Nature is acting up in various places. Just like yesterday. And tomorrow.

There’s a light rain falling. Temperature mild. Pleasant. And about that rain, well, I love it. Always have. Gives me a sense of comfort. Of coziness. Makes me just glad, grateful, to be alive. To be able to look across the back, just beyond our yard, and see the cotton fields. Peaceful. Reassuring.

Sally and I often share these special times together. We don’t have to do much talking to appreciate the moment, life itself.

Both of our mothers remarked on occasion that they thought we made our own heaven — at least a little — right here on earth. Whether they meant it literally or otherwise, I suspect many of us share similar sentiments from time to time.

That so many wretched souls all over this troubled world don’t have such peaceful moments as I have described is troubling. Very. Why this is so — has always been so — is beyond my ability to fathom.

Why so many, who are abundantly blessed, choose to complain, rail against any and all who don’t think exactly as they do, and don’t take the time to savor the sweet moments in life, is also troubling. Shame on them. Shame.

Well, now, I suppose most of this is just the mental meanderings of a fellow who has gained a measure of insight during his journey. Longevity can have its advantages. Which goes to show, certainly in my case, that great intellect isn’t a requirement for having an appreciation for one’s abundance of blessings.

Such as to be found “Early on a weekday morning. Late summer. Sitting on the back porch with Beau . . .”

Shalom, my friends.

APROPOS — “ An ‘attitude of gratitude’ surely makes the journey better.”