A Quiet Destination for Beach-goers

Published 6:53 pm Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Joan Sears

Joan Sears

By Joan Sears

For the Daily News

If you are in Engelhard and ask folks what’s new about town they will likely tell you “not much or “same ‘ole. Same “ole” but with a closer look it is obvious that good things are going on about town.

Down on the Hill Top, one of the fishing village’s waterfronts, a new gravel road is being constructed by state workers at the designated Seafood Industrial Park site. Retired fishing vessels at its docking area have a limited time to be recorded in photographs and journals. Watchful shorebirds and Blue Herons are overlooking the activities.

The active shrimp boats are bringing in a fair share of fish and shrimp keeping the fish house workers busy. And anglers have especially enjoyed a steady catch of Puppy drum. Engelhard is fortunate to have skirted any major damage from July’s Hurricane Arthur and with the cooler temperatures and weather it is a blessing to those out on the water.

At the Hotel Engelhard’s café, all is quiet. But Hosts and proprietors Ursula and Bob Hayes are happy to report that business is good at the hotel. Beach goers wanting a quiet place to bed down are getting the benefits of great room prices, making it well worth the short commute to the Outer Banks during the day. The cafe conducts a small steady flow of customers making each one feel it is their own quaint corner of the world.

Engelhard is Hyde’s easternmost village and is becoming well known for its proximity to the well-known Outer Banks of North Carolina.