Write Again . . . Mostly mental meanderings

Published 5:56 pm Monday, September 1, 2014

The Best Bargain — Without question, one of the best entertainment value bargains in our region for years — many years — was the Kinston Indians. One person could buy a ticket, food and beverage, for under $10. For a family, it was truly an almost uniquely inexpensive proposition.

Alas, the Indians have left their reservation. No more laid-back, delightful, balmy late spring and warm summer evenings at Grainger stadium. Such a shame.

Still the Best Buy — Also, without question, a marvelous, almost uniquely inexpensive, yearly concert series offered by the Beaufort County Concert Association is still a viable part of our community’s arts and entertainment opportunities.

For as little as $50 an individual can enjoy five top-notch performances, and also attend concerts in other cities through a cooperative partnership at no additional cost.

Plus, three of the concerts will be held on Sunday afternoons. Good news for those who are leery of nighttime driving. Contact info: PO Box 1024, Washington, NC 27889; email bcca@gobcca.org; bccamembershipinfo@suddenlink.net

Kentucky Healthcare — The good folk in the very conservative Blue Grass state, who voted 60 percent to 38 percent in favor of Romney over Obama in ’12, and who, it would seem, wanted no part of the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare” to detractors), have signed up in amazing numbers — hundreds of thousands — for “Kynect”, the state’s health-insurance exchange. The launch was a resounding success.

What, then, is “Kynect”? It’s simply (no, it’s not really simple) Kentucky’s version of “Obamacare.”

The four-page feature in “Time” magazine delineates the program in great specificity in a recent issue.

Check it out.

Hirsute Trend — Over the past few years — maybe even longer — it would be hard to not notice the buzzcuts/shaved heads that our law enforcement men evince. Sometimes they can be downright menacing looking. It’s part of their culture, I suppose. For their services, though, we should be grateful.

For Political Purposes? — It makes some people a bit uneasy when candidates for political office advertise/promote their religious preference so prominently. Let’s hope they aren’t doing so to garner votes. Let’s hope.

Looking Good — Our Little Washington waterfront is such an asset to our town, community-at-large, and to an increasing number of visitors who have “discovered” our jewel.

The flags, the new “lighthouse” facility, the promenade, the wooden walkway, the boats, the winged and amphibious creatures, Festival Park, and the people enjoying it all, make the waterfront very special, indeed.

‘Til next time.