Ruth’s House sets 3-year plan

Published 8:00 pm Wednesday, November 12, 2014

From Ruth’s House


At a board meeting held Nov. 4, the Ruth’s House Board unanimously approved the implementation of a three-year strategic plan.

“To meet the needs of victims of domestic violence throughout Beaufort County, Ruth’s House has grown exponentially over the course of its first year in full operation,” said Deb Ryals, board president. “This growth stimulated the need to create a comprehensive sustainable three-year plan of action which will act as a guide for future development of the organization. It was vital that the community assist in building the plan as it is their dedication, commitment and support which has and will continue to help drive the organization to help those traumatized by domestic abuse.”

Ruth’s House is volunteer-driven with paid staff providing support and management in key areas. While this is a departure from the way other domestic violence organizations operate, in Beaufort County it is the volunteers that provide the fundamental strength of operation.

“In its totality, the strategic plan provides a blueprint for Ruth’s House future by identifying eight major goals that need to be achieved for Ruth’s House to maximize its capacity and attain sustainability while strengthening communications,” explained Kim Etheredge, executive director. According to Etheredge, achievement of each goal will be driven by a taskforce chaired by a board member and supported through community member recruitment. Each taskforce is then charged and empowered to develop and implement strategies with measurable outcomes.

“This is an exciting and expansive time for Ruth’s House, and we encourage anyone who is willing to share their knowledge and skills to call us so we can identify the right taskforce for them to join,” Ryals said.



To mobilize the community against domestic violence through information and education

To recruit, train and maintain a reliable volunteer base to meet the current and future needs of Ruth’s House.

To strengthen Ruth’s House as an organization through development of external partnerships.

An empowered board and committees whose vision of what is possible and momentum to make it happen will lead the way to add lasting value to the organization.

Create a workforce and work environment which inspires creativity, collaboration and commitment.

To provide services, programs and activities that will enrich and transform lives of the victims seeking shelter at Ruth House.

To develop sustainable income streams to support the current and future needs of Ruth’s House.

Develop space that will address current and future needs of organization.