Prescribed burn set for Goose Creek State Park

Published 7:37 pm Wednesday, November 19, 2014

From the N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources


The N.C. Division of Parks and Recreation will conduct a prescribed burn at Goose Creek State Park during the winter when conditions are suitable, according to Park Superintendent John Fullwood.

The burn will be conducted in cooperation with the N.C. Forest Service at 2190 Camp Leach Road. We will tentatively start burning in late November, and continue for several weeks until our prescription objectives are met.  If weather parameters do not meet the requirements of the prescriptions we will plan to burn plan the next available day that weather permits.  The areas affected will be from near the public entrance to the campground and swim beach. The public will not be allowed to enter these areas during a burn event.

Prescribed burns are used as a resource management tool by the state parks system. Some plant communities and animal species rely on periodic fire for their existence. The prescribed burn will also reduce the amount of potential wildfire fuel. The prescribed burn will help protect the park’s resources and neighboring landowners if lightning, arson or carelessness sparks a wildfire.

In order to minimize smoke and assure the fire is controlled, the low-intensity, prescribed burn will only be carried out under strictly defined weather conditions of a fire management plan. On the selected day, the burn will begin in the late morning and will likely end by mid-afternoon.

On the day when the fire is to begin, an alert will be posted on the Goose Creek State Park page of the division’s website, Signs will also be posted on Camp Leach Road alerting people that a burn is in progress. For further information, call the park office at 252-923-2191.