Write Again . . . What we married men need

Published 10:45 pm Monday, December 1, 2014

Now, I’m not saying that this is an original thought, idea, on my part. It seems so, to me, but that doesn’t make it so.

Fact is, maybe the last really original thought I actually had was, let’s see, perhaps in the early or mid-70s. Maybe not.

Enough of that. What I’m referring to here is making and marketing a collar for men to wear — married men — which would simply denote to whom we belong, are beholden, take orders and directions from, and, well, I expect, wise readers, you are already ahead of me here.

Of course I’m talking about the wife. Our wives. Those upon whom we depend for, well, just about everything.

Why, they know just what we need, what we don’t need, what we should or shouldn’t say, eat, wear, or do. For starters.

On the collar, or perhaps on a dangling dog tag-like little attachment, would be our name, and the wife’s name and telephone number. Maybe an address. Just our first name would suffice. You know, like Duke, Buster, Rex, Millie, Abbey would be on a dog’s I.D.

Just enough information to establish who “owned” us.

These collars could be made in attractive colors and designs. Something we men would take pride in wearing. I think I’d like a couple, at least.

When our spouses looked at us, wearing our collars, they could really take pride in ownership. As in “That one over there, in the purple collar. He’s mine,” they could point out to a friend.

Marketing: “Ladies! Your man should wear the new plaid Man Collar. Available at . . .” The advertising possibilities are almost limitless.

My First Wife says that also including microchips in our inventory might be a smart business decision. Since some of the older men have memory challenges at times, should they wander off whomever “finds” them could have the microchip checked to determine just who the owner is, if the “man tag” was lost. Just in case she would like to have him returned. Man Collars will be the main product, though.

So. Who would be interested in participating financially in this entrepreneurial start-up venture?

Let me hear from you. No. Let HER hear from you.