Write Again . . . About this column thing

Published 8:58 pm Monday, January 5, 2015

On occasion — not often, though — someone will write to me and comment upon a column I’ve written, or about this weekly endeavor in general.

More often someone will say something to me when I’m out and about, but there too it’s not an everyday thing, for sure. Nor would I expect it to be.

Sometimes someone might suggest that I tell the “people at the paper” thus and such. Or, let me know what it is they don’t like, or what should be done.

I am quick to disabuse them as to any notion that I have the least bit of influence in what is, and what isn’t, in the paper. That is definitely not my role, and rightly so.

However, I will mention that the “Daily News” has as its main focus local and area news and events. By choice.

One person once wrote that “ . . . there are too many times when too much publicity is given to all those music groups. That’s not front page news.”

Well, now. It would be difficult to deny that those guitar-dominated “music groups” aren’t featured frequently. It’s obvious that performing and visual arts receive coverage.

One letter writer told me that “I like most of your columns . . .”

Okay. That’s a compliment. Sort of. On occasion I’ll receive or hear very touching sentiments about something I’ve written. That makes it all worthwhile.

There once was a time when I think I thought I might write a novel. You know. The “Great American Novel.”

Wishful thinking. Dreaming. My talent pool is too shallow, my intellect too limited, and my work discipline too inadequate. Other than those “minor” liabilities, why not do it?

One thing I can do, and almost compulsively, is read. I mean, if I can’t be a great writer, I can be a great reader. It’s great to be great at something, isn’t it? And so rewarding to love to read.

For those of you who, on occasion, do feel inclined to write to me, mention to me  — or even avail yourself of “Sound Off” about “Write Again” — please know that I am appreciative.

More than you might realize.

Have yourself a good week.

APROPOS — “A period is to let the writer know he has finished his thought and he should stop there if he will only take the hint.”

— Art Linkletter