Write Again . . . A very productive union

Published 8:34 pm Monday, January 19, 2015

Katie Shavender was born Aug. 25, 1880. She was from Bath, and lived there all of her life, it is believed.

In her tender teen years she married Samuel Tildon Brooks, also from Bath. He was born Dec. 31, 1879.

To this union was born 15 children. That’s right, 15. Among them were three sets of twins. All boys. Whew!

Katie died Sept. 21, 1950. Samuel passed away June 13, 1952.

They were my Sally’s great-grandparents.

Found in her belongings after Katie died was a poignant note. It’s worth sharing with others, I believe.

She wrote:

December 13, 1942

“My Dear Husband, Children, Grandchildren & many Friends,

“The time has been sweet I spent with you and I truly hope we will find a sweeter home now my dear husband and children. I don’t want you to think you all owe me one penny. You owe it to the Blessed Good Lord for your many blessings.

“Your mother loved you all more than I can say, but the Blessed Good Lord loves you more. He made your lovely faces and gave you to me and with all my heart I love you. And now my dears, DON’T FAIL TO DO YOUR BEST IN ALL THINGS.

“Well, we are in the horrible war. Wasn’t I glad to have my dear boys and didn’t they get some compliments. They are so lovely, and though Katie was married and she was so lovely and her dear sister was so sweet to her and lovely to her other sister too. They always try to do their best by their lovely ones and so many thanks to my dear sons-in-law they were so nice to my children. I thank you boys. Now there is one thing I so want to ask of you — everyone, and that is to BE READY WHEN YOU ARE CALLED — so many things to be thankful for. Read this when I am gone.”

Katie Shavender Brooks seemed to have a lot of love to share. I think she was including us all when she wrote “ . . . Be Ready When You Are Called . . .”

A voice from another time.

And good advice, too.

APROPOS — “A grateful heart beats strongly.”

—  J. Frederick