Pastor of the Week:Royce Reynolds

Published 1:55 pm Monday, January 26, 2015

Royce Reynolds is Pastor at Soundside Freewill Baptist Church

Royce Reynolds is Pastor at Soundside Freewill Baptist Church

The Book of Matthew is a book about salvation.

What it means. And who will bring it.

The topic is introduced very clearly in the first chapter, in the section that provides the two names of Jesus. The angel says to Joseph (Matt 1:21) that Mary “will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.”

This book of the Bible, the gospel of John, and 1 John are favorites of Royce Reynolds pastor at Soundside Freewill Baptist Church.

“I preach a lot of sermons,service, and following the Lord,” explained Reynolds.

Reynolds was working at Weyerhauser when he got involved in church.

“Shortly after that I was at a youth camp up at Black Mountain when I felt the Lord calling me to preach. I left the job at Weyerhauser and went to college at Mount Olive. I did studies in religion for two years,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds was formally ordained in 1973.

“I actually came in and did a sermon one Sunday.They had a meeting of their board and voted to call me as their pastor. They already knew me because I grew up in that church,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds has been back in Tyrrell County since 1986.

Before 1986,He was in Pikeville, a town in Wayne County pastoring a church.  He has also pastored churches in Beaufort and Greene Counties.

“When I left Wayne County, I came here. I was the pastor at Malachi Chapel Church out on the other side of town for twelve years,” said Reynolds recounting his church background before coming to Soundside Freewill Baptist Church.

Reynolds said the style of worship at Soundside Missionary Baptist Church has stayed consistent.

“We do sometimes have a mix of contemporary music. We have one young man in the church that sings some contemporary music once in a while. The overall worship style has stayed the same,” said Reynolds.

Preparing a sermon for Reynolds takes eight to ten hours a few days before the service.

“I do a in-depth Bible study on Wednesday night so I spend quite a bit of time on that,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds mentions conveying enthusiasm is one good way to reach people when preaching.

“I try to use personal illustrations and stories that bring the truth home,” said Reynolds.

When Reynolds is not preaching, he enjoys doing visitation with church members.

Reynolds has family members in Tyrrell County with a wife,sister, and two brothers that live in the area.