Albemarle Commission Helps Tyrrell County

Published 7:26 pm Monday, February 9, 2015

The Albemarle Commission plays a vital role in the Tyrrell County Region.

The Commission was formed with legislative action in 1969 under GS 143-341 when the North Carolina General Assembly created a system of multi-regional planning districts, now known as the Regional Council.

“The mission of the Albemarle Commission is to improve the ability of our member government and to enhance the quality of the lives of our citizens in the Albemarle Region through direct service, grant writing, planning and assessment, program development and management, as a multi-agency public-private partnership,” reads a statement from the organization.

The Albemarle Commission has been assisting Tyrrell County with services in regards to   its increased older population. Statistic released from the commission show that older citizens make up a larger part of the county’s population.

An aging profile compiled by the Commission with data released from the NC State Data Center in October 2014 also show a large projected increase in older citizens possibly living in the county over the next twenty years.

A 11.5 percent increase is estimated for citizens 60 years and older.

A 17.1 percent increase is estimated for citizens 65 years and older.

A 42.4 percent increase is estimated for citizens 85 and older.

According to the N.C. State Data Center, in 2013, there were approximately 41,150 adults living in the Albemarle Region. As the older adult population increases throughout the state of North Carolina, by the year 2033 there will be an estimated 57,289 number of older adults residing in the ten county planning region of the Albemarle Commission’s Area Agency on Aging.

“What it means is that the cost of providing aging services, including senior nutrition will increase; at the same time state and federal funding continues to be reduced.  This is true for the Albemarle Commission’s entire 10 county region,” said Executive Director Cathy Davison, Executive Director for the Commission.

The Area Agency on Aging was busy in Tyrrell County in 2014.

Statistics released from the organization show that 3,177 in-home aide hours were provided to 21 clients.

1 Legal Aide Hour was provided to two clients.

29 hours of respite services were provided to one client.

168 hours of Family Caregiver Supplemental Services were provided to one client.

11 clients received Services from Senior Games.

Other Albemarle Commission Agencies providing services to Tyrrell County in 2014 included Senior Nutrition,Workforce Development,RPO Planning Services, Economic Development,and Planning and Administration.

Davision emphasized her organization’s commitment to the area.

“The Albemarle Commission is proud to partner with counties and municipalities throughout the Albemarle Region as we move forward with economic development in supporting businesses through strategic visioning, workforce development, and providing services to our seniors in an effort to strengthen the quality of life for the residents within our Region.”