Mobile Vet Available in Creswell

Published 3:17 pm Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Don and Debbie Dowty outside Dowty Mobile Vet Clinic located at 2632 Ambrose Road in Creswell.

Don and Debbie Dowty outside Dowty Mobile Vet Clinic

Pets needs are multifaceted, with tender care a must and regular checkups essential.

Locally,Don and Debbie Dowty, Creswell residents, have an active mobile vet clinic, located in Creswell.

Dowty Mobile Vet is a veterinarian service specializing in affordable and quality care for  pets in Creswell, NC, and surrounding areas.

“We started the mobile clinic in 05 and my husband has been a vet since 1975. The area service we have around here is starting to grow quickly.

We travel to Dare County for spay and neuter clinics. In Hertford, we work with AWARE. We also work with Feline Hope. Those are two really good organizations,” said Debbie.

Feline Hope is located in Kitty Hawk and is described as “a non-profit, no kill, all volunteer organization that provides spay, neuter, and medical assistance to our community to enable owners to keep their pets.”

Animal Welfare of the Albemarle Region (AWARE) is a private 501(c)3 non-profit all volunteer organization devoted to improving the lives of animals in Chowan, Gates, and Perquimans counties in North Carolina.

“They do an amazing job of helping with money to offset the cost of spaying and neutering. We offer really low prices. Aware and Feline Hope even kick in a little bit more to make it more pleasing to people and make it more likely that their animals will be spayed and neutered,” said Debbie

Debbie estimated that hundred plus animals a month are spayed and neutered at Dowty Mobile Vet Clinic.

“That does not include the sick animals we see and things like that especially through Feline Hope,” said Don.

The process of spaying and neutering can vary with the animals under care.

Don explained a dog takes a little more cage space.

“We try to limit our dogs to fifty pounds and under. Our kitties we have a lot more cage space for. Twenty cats fit in here easily. We end up with space with just maybe ten or twelve dogs. We have a recovery room for them. In here we can easily handle the twenty cats and not be crowded,” said Don.

Debbie mentioned that she and Don are also doing some interesting current work with the Tyrrell County Animal Shelter.

“A month or so ago, somebody called out of the blue and said I understand you need help for the shelter animals. in Tyrrell County. They said I wanted to remain anonymous and I want to care of the fixing of the animals that are adopted from that shelter,” said Debbie.

The donation amount is not fixed.

“They said I will tell you when it reaches a max. Just keep doing it,” said Debbie.

All vet visits are by appointment only. Please call 252.394.7729 or email for more information on the clinic.