Local Author Emmert Releases Second Book

Published 2:51 pm Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Phil Emmert

Phil Emmert

Ever since Phil Emmert, the former pastor of Gum Neck Church of Christ in Tyrrell County, published his first book When War Was Heck late last year, folks have been asking when the sequel would be published. It took him twelve years to pen that book, but he has certainly speeded things up with his second book, The Afterglow of War: Lessons Learned, which has just been released.

When War Was Heck, was set in Boone County, Indiana during the mid-1940s with World War II utmost on everyone’s mind. It is the unique perspective of a ten-year old boy – William Henry – and is filled with bits of homespun humor and nostalgia. Written to appeal to the tween and teen audience, Emmert combined easy reading with history. In doing so, he also caught the attention of an older generation eager to revisit their own childhood memories with each turn of the page.

In The Afterglow of War: Lessons Learned, the second and final short story book, William Henry faces his teenage years with the fervor of most kids that age, and all the joys, anxieties, and learning that come with them. When the first jet flies over his hometown in Indiana, he and his best friend Peanut are enthralled, a fitting introduction to the many changes their youthful eyes would soon witness in years to come. Now he, his family, and his friends—old and new—learn fresh lessons about life after the war. Some are typical experiences familiar to most kids, like driving a car, changing tires on the car, the woes and throes of puppy love, the language of golfing, and secretly sipping on whisky from the kitchen. But the greatest lesson for William Henry is realizing that opportunities are earned, and once earned, they are the most appreciated of gifts.

On March 23, Emmert will be interviewed live on the Winston-Salem, North Carolina radio station AM980, “The Eagle.” Listeners can tune in during the 9:30-10 am segment with Bill Flynn, or listen to the segment streamed online at www.eagle980.com .

Emmert originally hails from Indiana, but spent just as many years in eastern North Carolina where he has pastored in both Hyde and Tyrrell counties. He also taught middle and high school and worked with the Department of Social Services in Hyde County. Currently married to the former Beatrice (Bea) O’Neal, he has four children, 11 grandchildren, three step-children and 4 step-grandchildren. They recently moved from the Makelyville community in Hyde County to Washington, NC.

Both books were edited and published by Jan Fix at www.thewordverve.com. Readers may order online at either www.thewordverve.com/war-heck or www.thewordverve.com/afterglow-war . They are also available on eBook through all the usual retailers, including Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and Apple.