New Eagle Scout Recognized in Tyrrell County

Published 10:44 pm Sunday, March 29, 2015

On March 25, 2015 Wesley Brickhouse became the newest Eagle Scout for Troop 86 and Tyrrell County.

Brickhouse reflected this accomplishment in a March 28 interview with the Scuppernong Reminder.

“For my project I worked on getting freezers and canned foods for the local food pantry.  I got a lot of help from the community. The school let me hold a canned food drive there. Food Lion let me hold a canned food drive in front of their business. I raffled off a picnic table and a lot of the business owners bought raffle tickets The picnic table was raffled off to raise funds to buy freezers for the food pantry,” sad Brickhouse explaining various details of his Eagle Scout project.

Brickhouse collected 340 canned food items for his Eagle Scout project.

“More than anything it was a community project. The Scout Troup helped me a lot selling the tickets. Some of the businesses that helped included Mr. Mitchells’s Barbershop, Creswell Furniture,Big M, Columbia Pharmacy and many others,” said Brickhouse.

Allison Clark from Roper won the picnic table.

Brickhouse joined scouting ten years ago. He became a Cub Scout in third grade.

“You move up to Boy Scout in Middle School. Eagle Scout is the highest rank you can achieve. After Eagle Scout, you can go for the Palms,” said Brickhouse

Brickhouse has been working on his Eagle Scout project for most of this year.

A Court of Honor Ceremony is planned for Brickhouse to officially receive his Eagle Scout badge.

Brickhouse is a native of Tyrrell County and a Senior at Columbia High School. His parents are Sylvia and Barry Brickhouse.