Write Again . . . An unsettling experience

Published 8:39 pm Monday, March 30, 2015

My aim is to get this right. That is, my intention is to simply, thoughtfully, present the facts, describe the situation, in an objective manner. Factually.

Venting, just complaining, this is not.

So. Here it is. Or, how it was.

We were, the three of us, just standing in the front yard talking. I was in my customary slow-leaving mode. Their dog, Sallie, was with us. She is a Lhasa Apso, small of course, precious and very dear to them.

As he walked toward us he did so — I really can’t describe the look on his face; maybe intense, angry, displeased — with purpose. It was as if we, the adults, weren’t even there.

Now, Sallie was barking, yapping, but stationary. Just as many of our dogs might do when someone comes onto their turf. Making a noise was all she was doing.

Well, now. This man walked right up to her, leaned over, and with what appeared to be a rolled up magazine or something similar, slapped the h – – – out of the dog. I mean, right on the side of her head/face. Whap!

Sallie yelped. A genuine dog scream. We were all so surprised, sort of stunned at what we had just seen, that we were mute. The wife immediately picked Sallie up and held her, trying to offer comfort.

After a few moments the husband said, “That was uncalled for.” What restraint that must have taken.

Not one word came out of the mouth of the person who had delivered the blow. Ever.

Afterward, I learned that he had once kicked the dog. That his actions in this regard were well known along his route.

Let’s be clear. No person, going about his or her required duties, should have to be subjected to unacceptable behavior from any animal. Period. It is the responsibility of every pet’s owner to ensure that such situations can’t arise.

But a little, barking dog? Standing with three adults? Talk about over-reaction, or, deliberate action, to be more precise.

Perhaps this angry, unhappy seeming employee should be placed in a different job situation. Something that would be a better fit for him.

That which I have objectively described happened on March 3.

The episode was quite unsettling.

And totally uncalled for.