Write Again … “The river calls to me”

Published 9:05 pm Monday, April 6, 2015

Write Again … “The river calls to me”

Bartow Houston



There are a lot of talented people here in Beaufort County.  Now, there’s an understatement if ever there was one.

You and I know many of these gifted folks, and know of many more of them.  Those with special talents, in visual and performing arts, especially enrich our culture, our lives.  They help to make where we live even more special.

I grew up knowing about the song that Edmund Harding and Carl Goerch wrote way, way back when.

“I’d Rather Wash, Wash, Wash in Washington” has clever lyrics and a catchy melody.  There have been other songs, and countless poems, written about Washington and other locales in our county.

My Sally’s (Yes, my First Wife) grandmother, Nellie Miles Paul, was a poet of the first order.  She was the real deal.  Check her out.

Many of the fine folks who aren’t natives of our area, but chose to live here, have contributed immeasurably to our culture.  And I use the word “culture” in the most positive sense.

Among these many, many good people who make our communities better places, and who are possessed of special talents, is a lovely lady named Sylvia Evans.

Let me share with you the lyrics of her song — actually, she wrote both words and music —   “There’s a Little Town on the Pamlico.”

“There’s a little town on the Pamlico wrapped around my heart,

there’s a little town called Washington where rainbows seem to start.

Where eagles soar away up high, tall steeples light up the evening sky.

Sailboats chase the breezes, moss shades lazy creeks,

tall herons stand like statues and daydreams last for weeks.

When the sunset glows as the daylight fades the river calls to me,

and a moonlit path shows the way back home, that’s where I want to



Now, is that nice or what?

And as I said, “There are a lot of talented people here in Beaufort County.”

Aren’t we all lucky.