Website Started to Identify Strange Objects

Published 10:29 pm Thursday, April 16, 2015

Abigail Vann Carder, a visiting student in Tyrrell County, has started a website to identify strange objects sighted around Columbia. documents the repeated sightings of strange objects in Tyrrell County.

I first spotted the UFOs in August of last year when I was over at a friends house for dinner. That night my friend pointed out these strange moving lights in the sky. After watching these lights silently hover and move about with two other people for about 30 minutes, I could not come up with an explanation for what we observed.

About a week later, Vann Carder said she learned of several news reports stating that people along the coastal Carolinas, particularly in the Outer Banks region, had also observed strange lights on that very night.

“The news reported that after several attempts with experts in the aviation field, no one could identify these objects.I’ve been into astronomy since I was a child and have even had the opportunity to observe the night sky on several different continents. Because of the minimal light pollution here, Columbia, NC is among the best when it comes to viewing the night sky. Now when I’m out looking at the stars, I keep my eye out for these strange crafts and since last summer, I’ve had 10 different sightings here in town with 7 other people.

Vann Carder said that local news sources in nearby towns have also recently reported UFOs identical to what Vann Carder had seen with other people

After sharing these experiences with friends in the community, Vann Carder learned of more interesting stories from others who’ve also spotted UFOs in Columbia.


“As a person pursuing a Bachelors of Science degree, I’ve looked at this phenomena objectively and still cannot explain how objects in the sky can physically move like this. The more I see, the less I know. Having no logical explanation, I contacted an organization that deals with identifying UFOs, known as MUFON. MUFON sent investigators to town a few weeks ago, whom I met with. These sightings are now being considered as true “unknowns,” meaning that they have been classified as true UFOs,” said Vann Carder.

Mike Barton is the Public Affairs Officer for the Marine Corps Air Station located in Cherry Point.

“We do not typically receive reports of UFO sightings. On occasion I am aware that somebody contacted us to see if we had tracked a particular sighting on radar in the Morehead City area. It was some years ago, I don’t remember when it was,” said Barton.
Barton mentioned that military personnel in his location have no mechanism for responding to reports of UFOs.

“That does not fall within the realm of what we do here,” said Barton.

Barton mentioned the report called in was regarding several lights hovering around  the port area at nighttime.

“They wanted to how if we tracked anything on our radar that would have accounted for that,” said Barton.