Deed transfers: April 11-17, 2015

Published 10:13 pm Thursday, April 23, 2015

The following land transactions occurred in Beaufort County the period of April 11-17, 2015.


April 13

Mary Helen Toler Barwick to Laura Lee B. Honbarrier, Chocowinity Township, 2 parcels; parcel A, 11.87 acres; parcel 2, tract A-1, 0.12 acres, U.S. Hwy 17

Suzanne Mauro to Barbara Ryan, Chocowinity Township, lot 399, Cypress Landing

Dustin Brent Stark to Hannah Jo Taylor, Richlands Township, 2 tracts; tract 1, SR 1927; tract 2, lot 13, Corlath Acres

D and J Properties of Wilmington LLC to Joseph Kennedy, 0.92 acres, lot 4

Walter L. Wright to Deborah B. Wright, Washington, Park Dr. and Simmons St., Wanoca

Lawrence K. Ginn Exec to Lawrence K. Ginn, Washington, Old 9th and Washington streets and Carolina Ave., 0.556 acres


April 14

Phil Mason to Paul Bartle, Pantego Township

Velma Lucille Murray to Lawrence Murray, Pantego Township, Haslin St.

Mitchell Dale Waters to Browder Family Revocable Trust, Washington Township, 2 tracts; tract 1, lot 4, 1.53 acres; tract 2, 0.08 acres

Harry W. Meredith Jr. to Tawana Williams, Chocowinity Township, 2 tracts; tract 1, lot 5, 0.508 acres; tract 2, lot 5A, 0.283 acres, Sandy Hill

Grady G. Harris to Michael Van Gurkins, Chocowinity Township, 2 parcels; parcel 2, lot 53, Bayside Shores


April 15

Diane L. Castle to Lora J. Norris, Chocowinity Township, Bay Ridge, lot 156, Cypress Landing

JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, Plymouth and Harrington streets, lot 1

Elizabeth H. Guthrie to Nancy Luis Martinez, Long Acre Township, River Rd., lot 20

George W. Williams Jr. to Shirley Williams, Richlands Township, Lewis and Core Pt. roads, 12.71 acres

Frances E. Jackson to Phil E. Garris, Washington, SR 1313, Asbury Church Rd. and SR 1311, 1 acre

First Bank to Rodney L. Cantrell, Washington, Hwy 264

Secure Inc. to Larry Whitmal Brown Jr., Bath Township, Duck Creek Rd. and Pamlico River, lot 7, Duck Creek Shores

Judson T. Whitehurst to Billy W. Stocks, lot 24, Bay Lake

Anthony Robin Little to Gray Grady Harris, Chocowinity Township; tract 1, lot 16; tract 3, Canal Dr., Bayside Shores

Donna L. Price to Megan E. Zimmerman, Washington Township, SR 1411, Gaynor Rd. and Hodges Ave.

Evelyn Bullock Boyd to Yusuf I. Abdullah, Washington Township, lot 7, block 18, Wanoca

Christopher Todd Tripp to Bhavesh Patel, Chocowinity Township, lot 6, Godley Farm


April 16

Friedman Properties Inc. to STC Holdings LLC, Washington, E 2nd and Bonner streets, 0.20 acres

Joshua Michael Boyd to Kenneth L. Boyd, Long Acre Township

Jacqueline F. Evans to Frederick Switzer IV, Long Acre Township, lot 43, Pamlico Plant


April 17

Bond Creek Properties LLC to Striper Investments LLC, Richlands Township, Spring Creek Rd., 20 acres, tract 3


Deborah Kaye A. Cook to Amber Waves Farm LLC, Long Acre Township, 2 tracts; tract 1, Jefferson Rd., 24.5 acres; tract 2, 40 acres

Melvin O’Pharrow to William T. O’Pharrow, Washington, lots 4-5, block G


Winfred F. Porter to Alicia Helen Deans, Chocowinity Township, Hwy 33 and SR 1106, tract 1

Pat Mallory Wood to Pat Mallory Wood, Chocowinity Township, Pamlico River, lots 16-17, Old Fort River Shore

John C. Lohman to Aaron B. Sauls, 0.93 acres, lot 13, Cypress Bluffs

Robert F. Pfennig to Charles Ejimofo Obiaja, Chocowinity Township, lot 165, Cypress Landing

Jospeh Tkach to Hargy Family Trust, Washington, lot 6, block E, Willows

Marshall C. Taylor to Phyllis Moore Johnson, Chocowinity Township, SR 1103

Page Stevens Development to Brian E. Malvin, Washington, lot 44, block D, Iron Creek