BoCO Music Festival 2015

Published 3:16 pm Sunday, April 26, 2015

_ASV9793_WEB MAINTRADITIONAL WAYS: Tradition music lovers weren’t put off by a little rain Saturday as the drizzle drove some musicians and fans indoors to the Turnage Theatre in Washington. Pictured, from top to bottom, are Greenville-based JB Mayes and John Benson, with special guest singer Pam Cox, on the Marine Market main stage; Mark Rutledge, John Bradley and their soprano vocalist inside the Turnage Theatre gallery; singer/songwriter Ann Meadows, with former Carolina Still frontman Justin Casey, on the Turnage stage; young music-lover Daisy Jane Solomon takes a break from the music to stroll around the Beaufort County Arts Council’s Lane Gift Shop in the Turnage Theatre; Benjamin Thomas Solomon (right) hasn’t quite picked up guitar playing from his father, Charles Solomon, but he’ll get there one day. Daisy and Benjamin are the grandchildren of Reid and Joe Solomon of Hawkins Beach.