Christian Family Night a Success in Columbia

Published 2:52 pm Sunday, July 19, 2015


An estimated 60 people attended a successful Christian Family Night at the Columbia Crossing Restaurant and Good Times Tavern July 10.

“Ten plus kids gave their life to Christ. Four pastors were in attendance and some gave messages. Tim Hayes from Soundside Missionary Baptist Church Pastor Joe Wynns from Frying Pan Baptist Church, Pastor Reeder from the Assembly of Praise, and Pastor Frank were from the Source Church in Manteo all were there,” said Patti Kimbrel, organizer of the night.

Kimbrel said that another Family Night is planned later this year.

“The Holy Ghost showed up and showed out at Good Times Tavern Christian Family Night. Pastor Reader from the Assembly of Praise delivered an awesome message and Pastors Joe Wynn and Timothy Hayes blessed us with their support. It is totally indescribable how God puts such a diverse group together for his glory.He uses each one of us who believe in many ways.. A big thank you to Jimmie and Dana Summerell for their support for this event,” said Kimbrel.

Pastor Frank Lassen is the Founding and Lead Pastor of Source Church in Manteo, NC.
Lassen described the unique atmosphere of the night.

“DJ Sanchez got everyone pumped. The room was thick with the presence of Holy Spirit. People of all ages and color were joining in on the worship by the Source Church band. People of all ages and color were getting down with WA2R our Christian hip hop group,” said Lassen.

Lassen mentioned that he gave a five minute spiritual message at the night.

“ It was awesome to see the many people gave their life to Christ,” said Lassen.


Lassen and a team of church members have done some similar ministry like the Christian Family Night hosted last weekend.

“We set up on the streets. We have ministered in casinos and to prostitutes and their johns on a recent missions trip to Costa Rica,” said Lassen.


Michelle Sanchez, owner of DJ SekZ Entertainment, participated in the event and helped facilitate the connections to Pastor Frank and the WA2R the hip group that appeared.


Sanchez mentioned that she was a sound engineer for a live eight-piece worship band in Nags Head for about 4 years.

“But yes, this was the first time I brought everyone together and connected so this night could happen. Patti had been having this urge to do something big in Columbia. She knew that I was a practicing Christian. I would often tell her about my church the Source Church and the worship band, the Rap group and Pastor Frank,” said Sanchez.

Patti and Sanchez would share stories about how God was working in our lives and one day she asked me to help get Christian Family Night on a roll.

“That is when we all put our heads together, prayed some more and then it all came together. Anyone that has attended any of my Karaoke Nights knows that we start the night with “Good Morning” and finish it off with “Overcomer” both songs by Mandisa, a Christian Pop/R&B Singer. These are Patti’s favorites and keeps her in a great mood,” said Sanchez

The event took many months to accomplish.

“Prayers for this had been going on for a while from so many and it all came together within a month. So many new connections made and so many seeds planted in the name of Jesus! It was truly an unforgettable night!  I djed between sets. It was an honor and privilege to be a part of this night,” said Sanchez.