Budget Update Offered for Tyrrell County Schools

Published 3:14 pm Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Tyrrell County Board of Education heard a August 10 budget update from Interim Superintendent Allan Smith.

Smith and Superintendent William Hoffman discussed details of the budget update in a recent update with the Scuppernong Reminder.

“The General Assembly has not approved a budget. Tyrrell County Schools, like other school systems, is not able to develop a budget until we receive our state allotments. What we do know is the local allocations are unchanged from the previous year. That is, the current expense allocation remains constant at $537,595 and capital outlay at $97,675,” said Smith.


The primary purpose of the presentation was to advise the Board of the perceived current expense and capital outlay priorities.

“It is apparent the needs far exceed expected revenues. Once a final budget is approved by the General Assembly and signed into law by the Governor, Dr. Hoffman and the Board of Education will then be able to reassess the priorities and develop the 2015-2016 budget within the constraints of available resources,” said Smith.


School systems in North Carolina typically receive their funds from federal, state, and local sources.

“Of the 115 school districts, Tyrrell is ranked second in dollars per child from the state,” said Smith

Smith emphasized a priorities section of the budget update that outlines recommendations primarily from the schools regarding specific needs.

An art teacher is listed under a expansion requests section of the budget update with an estimated cost of $50,000. A media specialist is listed with a cost of $55,000. A 4th grade teacher is listed with a cost of $50,000.

“We need to look closely at the final data that comes in from the state. State approved results will be coming in soon in terms of student proficiency and academic growth scores. Looking at facilities it is impressive the resources we have to work with. It is an exciting time to be moving forward as a district. I want to be sure that principals have input and the certainly the Board of Education have clear numbers to work with once the State budget is approved,” said Hoffman.

Smith emphasized that the North Carolina General Assembly should have passed a budget befor“They passed a continuing resolution last week that will extend that through the end of August. They are telling us that they think they can get a budget before then. But we will wait and see,” said Smith.


Hoffman emphasized that the Tyrrell County School System relies heavily on state funds“ It is a very difficult position to be in. Initiating some of these priorities that directly impact students we have to wait to make sure if we have resources.  We have to know if we are going to lose an additional teaching position or gain one,” said Hoffman.


Smith mentioned that possibility of salary increases in the General Assembly’s budget.


“We just do not know what they are going to look like yet.Both the House and the Senate want to increase salaries. If they are increased, we know we are going to have to pick up those salary increases. That is going to have to come from somewhere. Some will come from the state, but some will have to come from these federal programs. Some will have to come from local dollars,” said Smith.

A actual budget has to be voted on by the Tyrrell County Board of Education.

“I cannot emphasize strongly enough that the presentation to the Board of Education was only an update of current needs. No formal or informal actions were requested or taken by the Board. Hopefully the General Assembly will pass the state budget soon so that the Board of Education can proceed in finalizing the local school budget,” said Smith.