Second Rabies Incident in Tyrrell County

Published 7:33 pm Sunday, August 30, 2015



RABIES 8/28/15


A second rabid fox has attacked a Tyrrell County resident, this time in Columbia.


County manager David Clegg and animal control director Cecil Lilley issued the following statement last Friday morning:


“On August 26, 2015, there was a confirmed attack on a human by a rabid fox in Tyrrell County. The event occurred in Columbia. This is the second attack in Tyrrell County in two months.


“The fox was sent to the state lab on August 27 by Tyrrell County Animal Control and the report of rabies was confirmed on August 28. The victim of the attack is being treated.


“Citizens of Tyrrell County should be on the watch for fox or raccoon that are acting irregularly, such as not running away when approached. If such an incident occurs, call the Tyrrell County Animal Control Department at 766-0033.


“Citizens of Tyrrell County should have their dogs, cats and ferrets vaccinated against rabies as prescribed by law. Vaccinations are available from the Tyrrell County Animal Control Department for $10.

“Questions may be directed to Tyrrell County Animal Control Department.”

On July 13 there was a confirmed bite on a human by a rabid fox in the Alligator community,Lilley reported.