Deed transfers: Aug. 29–Sept. 4, 2015

Published 7:04 pm Thursday, September 10, 2015

The following land transactions occurred in Beaufort County the period Aug. 29-Sept. 4, 2015.


Aug. 31

Perry-Griffin Foundation to Tripp Holdings LLC, Chocowinity Township, 125.4 acres

Charles M. Aydlett to William Sypawka, Pamlico River, 0.29 acres, lot 2

Ann Penhollow Moore Ardith to Scott C. Penhollow, Chocowinity Township, SR 1112 and Williams Ave and SR 1118

Barry L. Ingalls to Marvin L. Jones Jr., Chocowinity Township

Marilyn K. Braddy to Richard N. Whitehead, Washington Township, Morehead Drive and Williamsburg Road, 0.75 acres

Ashley Moore Cullipher to Joseph M. Mrkva Jr., Bath Township, 2.70 acres, lot 4


Sept. 1

Essie C. Glover to Daniel Ellsworth Forbes, SR 1411 and Tranters Creek

Toby W. Woolard Jr. to Janette Moody, Long Acre Township, SR 1516, Lodge Road and SR 1507, Slatestone Road

Betty M. Beddard to Gary L. Motteler, Long Acre Township, Terrapin Road, 2 acres

Linwood Wayne Lewis to Bath Creek Farms Inc., Long Acre Township, Hwy 264


Sept. 2

Hilda R. Merritt TR to Hilda R. Merritt, Washington, East 14th Street, 0.17 acres, lot 59, Nicholsonville

Kim Maria Metzger to Kim Maria Metzger, Long Acre Township, lot 6A, block A, Winlong

William R. Rouse Jr. to Martin A. Pruitt, Washington Township, State roads 1422 and 1424, lot 2


Sept. 3

Peggy H. Ross to Lewis Joseph Thomas, Washington Township, lot 1 and 2, Tranter’s Creek Estates

Kilby Davis Hux to Walter Bragg Davis III, Bath Township, 0.733 acres

Charles M. Alligood to Gilbert H. Nelson, Washington, 0.07 acres, lot 15 acres

Marvin L. Eubanks to Marvin L. Eubanks, Washington, lot 8 and 9, block S, Smallwood

Eric Finical to Robert S. Saunders Jr., Bath Township, lot 4, Teach’s Cove


Sept. 4

Ruth Maiolo to Lee D. Cooper, Chocowinity Township, lot 467, Cypress Landing

Lynne M. Wiggins to Rayme Justin Potter, Chocowinity Township, lot A

Thomas C. Swanner Jr. Exec to Monarch Maker LLC, Bath, lots 3-4, Springdale Village

Maurice P. Edmondson to Vance A. Charles, Bath Township, lots 3-4, block A, Bayview

Dorothy Anne Edwards Credle to Emma Credle, Bath Township, 1.41 acres; parcel 2, tract 1, lot 3

Derek Griffin to Melvin Griffin Sr., Pantego Township, 4 and 1/10 acres

Rodger A. Phillips Jr. to Beatrice Olise Phillips, Pantego Township, Hwy 99

Rosa Swindell to Faith Pentecostal Church Inc., Belhaven, Old County Road and Gum Street

Jessica Liu to Nobska Real Estate Holdings LLC, Belhaven, lot 6, block C, Northview Est,,

Thorne M. Sheppard III to Margaret S. Hudson, Long Acre Township, 4 tracts; tract 1 and 4, Hwy 264; tract 2, 15 acres

Melvin Smith II to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc., SR 1901

Myrtle F. Jones to Joseph P. Jones, Chocowinity Township, 3.28 acres, Grey Road

Myrtle F. Jones to Joseph P. Jones, Chocowinity Township, 1.31 acres, SR 1136

James M. Cox to James M. Cox, Long Acre Township, 2 tracts; tract 1, lot 1, 3.297 acres; tract 2, lot 2, 2.635 acres

Carlton David Cornelius TR to Crystal Dawn Hopkins, Bath Township, SR 1760, Pamlico Beach Road