Lawsuit against Vidant, Pantego Creek officially dismissed

Published 3:27 pm Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The lawsuit against Vidant Health and Pantego Creek LLC has been officially dismissed on all counts.

Although word was given a few days ago regarding Superior Court Judge Stuart Albright’s decision to dismiss the claims, the official order was not given until yesterday.

The claims, which included fraud, breach of contract and unfair trade practices, were brought by the Town of Belhaven and the state’s NAACP. The lawsuit followed the closure of Vidant Pungo Hospital in July 2014 due to its operating on a deficit, leaving many Belhaven residents out of work and without emergency health care.

On Oct. 6, all parties gathered at the Beaufort County Courthouse for a hearing, where Vidant and Pantego Creek presented arguments as to why the claims should be dismissed. Legal representatives for the defendants argued that no contract was broken when Vidant closed the hospital and turned the property back over to Pantego Creek.┬áBut the plaintiffs argued that Vidant was not upfront about the hospital’s impending closure and denied Belhaven residents a vital health care facility.