Board to consider new ambulance franchise, concealed carry

Published 1:37 pm Monday, December 7, 2015

Beaufort County Board of Commissioners will elect a new chairman and vice-chairman at tonight’s regular meeting. Commissioner Gary Brinn serves as the current chairman of the board; Commissioner Jerry Langley, as the current vice-chairman.

The meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. in the County Administrative Office.

Among the items for decision, Director of BHM Regional Library will ask commissioners to approve the regional library agreement, officially adding the Town of Bath to the BHM governing body and a Bath representative to the BHM board.

Beaufort County EMS Director John Flemming will address the board regarding the approval of an ambulance franchise for Priority Care Medical Services Inc., a company with offices in Windsor and Greenville. Priority Care has applied to operate non-emergency medical transport services in the county and the EMS oversight recommended the application be considered by the Board of Commissioners.

Commissioner Hood Richardson will ask the Board to consider repealing the concealed carry policy for county buildings. Richardson’s resolution makes the argument that those with concealed-carry permits have already been examined as to their lack of danger to the public and several North Carolina counties have repealed county ordinances related to the carrying of concealed weapons. The resolution asks for the repeal of all local ordinances restricting concealed carry in buildings with the exception of schools and the Beaufort County Courthouse.

Earl Carney has signed up to speak to commissioners regarding propane pricing during the public comments section of the meeting. For the past two commissioners’ meetings, Carney has lodged the complaint that propane sellers do not post their prices so that customers can compare pricing from one company to another.

“I did some checking … There is a statute that states the propane companies must post their prices in their building, but it doesn’t say where in the building,” Brinn told Carney at the November meeting.

Carney said he believes propane companies are taking advantage of the poorest of Beaufort County residents.