VT Hackney announces service awards

Published 6:19 pm Saturday, December 19, 2015


SERVICE AWARDS: VT Hackney held its annual service awards luncheon Dec. 15 to honor and thank their employees for another year of hard work. Employees with tenure ranging from five to 45 years of service were honored with awards presented by President and CEO Mike Tucker and General Manager Sammy Deans. All employees were treated to a meal and several were lucky winners of a variety of door prizes.

The following employees were recognized for their years of service: five years of service — Jennifer Harris, Lesco Keel, Noe Mendivil, Beth Peacos; 10 years of service — Toby Cole, Neal Dixon, Carolyn Hardison, Tawana Harris, Jim Kuhlman (not pictured), Linda Lee, Jesse Whitney (not pictured); 15 years of service — Enrique Clark-Benjamin, Mindy Houchins; 20 years of service — Sonya Beasley, Keith Bousquet, Lee Taylor, Leandro Rodriguez, Adam Williams; 25 years of service — Mike Tucker; 30 years of service — Sammy Deans, Kathy Godley; 35 years of service — Ray Barr (not pictured), Wanda Brand (not pictured), Jay Gurganus; 40 years of service, Judy Baggett, Curtis Brookshire (not pictured), Dalton Hodges, Gene Newman, Freddie Sheppard; 45 years of service, Reginald Willis.