Smartphone dating etiquette tips

Published 10:42 pm Sunday, February 7, 2016

From U.S. Cellular

GREENVILLE — Dating has changed drastically over the years and with the newest smartphones, such as the iPhone 6s or Samsung Galaxy S6, users can find “the one” right from the palm of their hand. The Pew Research Center reports 21 percent of cellphone owners in a committed relationship have felt closer to their spouse or partner because of exchanges they had online or via text message. However, finding and maintaining the connection can be difficult, so U.S. Cellular is offering eastern North Carolina smartphone users etiquette tips to enhance their love lives this Valentine’s Day.

“The latest mobile devices on a high-quality network can enhance relationships and keep couples connected more than ever before,” says Jeremy Taylor, director of sales for U.S. Cellular in eastern North Carolina. “No matter where you are, you can rely on your mobile device to enhance positive relationships and keep connected to loved ones from your first date to your anniversary.”

Proper cellphone etiquette is important in a successful relationship. To help keep the flame burning, U.S. Cellular recommends the following tips on improving relationships using mobile technology:


  • Take the plunge. According to a U.S. Cellular survey, 44 percent of smartphone owners find it acceptable to text to ask someone out on a date, so take the leap and ask that special someone to a dinner or movie. In fact, according to the same survey, 60 percent of smartphone owners prefer communicating via text message over phone calls. In a new romantic situation, text messaging may make a person feel more comfortable than a phone call. In addition, free smartphone apps such as OpenTable make dinner reservations easy and stress-free.


  • Be present. According to the same survey, 68 percent of users think it is rude to check a phone when dining with others. A useful feature to help avoid offending others is the Do Not Disturb button on the iPhone 6s. This button allows users to silence all incoming calls and texts outside of a select group. When the date is over, simply toggle the Do Not Disturb button and catch up on all of the calls and texts missed while on the date.


  • Communicate. If the date was a dream, feel free to go ahead and continue texting that special someone. After all, 89 percent of smartphone owners think it is acceptable to text someone during the workweek. A simple “hello” text message is a great way to start a conversation. Not sure what to say? Ask Siri on the iPhone 6s for the best pick-up line.


  • Be responsive. Relationships take a lot of effort. With 64 percent of smartphone users claiming to be somewhat or extremely annoyed when someone takes more than a day to respond to a voicemail, tension can begin to rise so be sure to respond in a timely manner.


  • Relationship going south? Breaking up can be hard. That’s why 35 percent of smartphone users have expressed disinterest by avoiding text messages. Keep in mind though, 16 percent of smartphone owners do not like someone expressing disinterest by avoiding text messages.