Write Again … On such splendid days

Published 3:58 pm Monday, February 15, 2016

During those uncharacteristically wonderful weather days we enjoyed late last year, only a grinch or troglodyte or misanthrope would have not been aware or appreciative.

Perhaps nowhere did folks take full advantage of those perfect days moreso than on the Washington waterfront. Especially on weekends was this so evident.

To see so many enjoying themselves was rewarding and spirit reviving in itself. Families. Children of all ages. Especially the very young. Family pets on leashes, well-behaved and controlled.

Of interest to me was the presence of people of all ages, races, nationalities.

Many of those who were taking advantage of those splendid days were out-of-town visitors. It isn’t a stretch to say we’re something of a “destination” place now.

Especially of interest to me was being able to talk with some of our “guests.” On more than one occasion I met people who were visiting here for the first time. They spoke so well of our “Little Washington,” a bucolic-seeming river town to all of them.

There just aren’t that many places where people can stroll, or just sit, and look out upon a beautiful river, and take in the sight of boats of varied sizes and makes, all of which constitutes a tableau of remarkable peace and loveliness.

The newest addition to our waterfront is the pier. What to call it has engendered a bit of, well, discussion, perhaps some differences of opinion. If any of you have a suggestion for a good name, let our city’s council members know. (You might also remind them of the numerous misspelled words on the signs there.)

At any given time, however, there are those — mostly young — who seem oblivious to the scenic splendor all around them. You know why, of course. They are indulging their addiction to those little hand-held, thumb-manipulated gizmos.

Must stay connected at all times, in all places, of course.

Thanks in large measure to the vision of what was then the Washington Redevelopment Commission (HUD), in partnership with our town’s Council, two generations and more have enjoyed our waterfront.

Inscribed on one of the stone markers commemorating the dream of such a project realized is a quote from John Ruskin: “Make no small plans. They have no magic to stir men’s souls.”

How fortunate we who live here are.

APROPOS — “The peaceful moments are of the greatest value.”

— Anon