Belhaven town manager alleges threats

Published 7:13 pm Thursday, March 24, 2016

BELHAVEN — At Belhaven’s March 16 Board of Aldermen meeting, Mayor Adam O’Neal spoke to the public about accusations of threatening behavior toward Town Manager Woody Jarvis.

The accusations were against Belhaven residents Walt and Ellen Allen, as Jarvis said they allegedly followed him home from the Feb. 22 aldermen meeting to confront him.

In an official Town letter dated March 3, Jarvis wrote, “You drove your car up into my yard and threatened me. … You said you warned me not to work for Belhaven and to remember you warned me if I got hurt in your future destruction of Mayor Adam O’Neal.”

He continued: “Ellen, you also called me a liar, creating a scene in the snack bar during lunch one day before that Mayoral/Council election this past fall. Both of you regularly stalk and threaten other town employees who are also just trying to do their jobs.”

At the meeting last week, O’Neal read the letter aloud and pointed out the Allens multiple times, as well as accusing the couple of attempting to intimidate the board by filming the meeting.

On March 7, the Allens wrote a letter in response to the accusations.

It stated, “To say the least, I was totally shocked at your accusations and wording of this letter. You know as well as we do that there were no threats of any kind to you or anyone else. I did go to your residence after the Town Council meeting because I did not feel that we could have a conversation in your office that would not be overheard by others.

“Neither of us have ever intimidated or bullied any of the town employees, and you know that too. We are friends with all the employees from when Walt served as councilman years ago. The conversation in the Snack Bar months back was nothing more than you refusing to admit what was happening. I did not call you a liar, but you now know that there were electric bills that were not being paid.”

Although Jarvis and the Allens were silent during the March 16 meeting, O’Neal said that per Jarvis’ request, further action would be taken if the Allens come onto his property again. Both parties included District Attorney Seth Edwards and Town Attorney Wendell Hutchins in the correspondence.

“I am so sorry that our friendship has to end like this, and I wish you and your family the very best,” the Allens’ letter read.