Saturday Night Jamboree prom a success

Published 8:22 pm Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Saturday Night Jamboree held its annual Spring Prom recently at the Redmen’s Lodge in Washington. Keeper of the door, Russell Jefferson, kept a watchful eye outside.

Registrar Carolyn Jefferson signed in 140 clients while faithful volunteers Kathy Lilly pinned on corsages and boutonnieres with loving assistance from Joyce Carawan. Other caring volunteers included Elwood and Marlene Sprouse, Ginger and Kin Wood and Kenny Beacham.

The Lodge was transformed into a wonderful flower garden earlier in the day by Ellwood and Marlene Sprouse, Michael Cutler and Tine Woolard. The Jamboree would like to thank The Shalom House for all the beautiful ferns they sent. The prom would not have looked so festive without them.

Jamboree President Marlene Sprouse led the activities, while photographer Michael Cutler, with assistance from Kaitlyn Cutler and Tine Woolard, took photographs of each client in front of a beautiful display. The photos will be printed and passed out at the next Jamboree meeting.

The Little Creek Band, which included members Lynwood Thurman, Duke Chandler, William Barr and Barney Conway, played music for dancing and listening pleasure. The jamboree would like to thank The Little Creek Band for their generous service this month.

Following a blessing asked by Jean and Dean Williams, members of the Warren Chapel United Methodist Church prepared and served refreshments. Those helping with serving included Keith and Donna Nipple, Gilbert and Linda Tripp, Jesse and Juanita Tripp, Ernest and Patricia Cutler, Bill and Jonell Barber, Lillian Jordon, Kevin Cutler, Nancy Bennett, Carla Berg, Carl and Maria Dunn, Tripp and Kaelynn Dunn. A special thanks goes to PotashCorp of Aurora for their donation for the refreshments and to Wayne McKinney, manager of the Washington Square Mall Piggly Wiggly, for the discount on the food provided to the Jamboree.

The next Jamboree will be June 11 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The May prom pictures will be pasted out at this meeting. All area mentally/physically-challenged residents and all volunteers are invited to attend. For more Jamboree information, to volunteer or to make donations, please call Jamboree President Marlene Sprouse at 252-946-4350.

Respectfully submitted by Tine Woolard, secretary.