Student spotlight: ‘It Takes’

Published 6:36 pm Friday, May 13, 2016

By Lexi Somers
Bath Elementary School

It takes a person to say hi,

It takes a person to say hi back.

It takes one word to become best friends.

It takes one hug to show “I’m here.”

It takes one mistake to regret,

It takes one mean look to think “I’m ugly.”

It takes one mean word to say “I quit.”

It takes one person to talk to, to let all your hurt, depression, anger, anxiety, and sadness out.

It takes love and forgiveness to show “I care.”

Start showing you care,

Start thanking God that you’re here.

Start talking to your friends more.

Start talking to the other people who don’t have anyone to talk to.

Start asking people if they’re okay.

I promise you someone cares about you.

Start showing all of this,

Because there’s so much hurt in this world and

In people’s minds, homes, and hearts.

Start standing up and state “I’m not done.  God has a plan for me.”

Someone out there needs me,

I need someone to talk to,

Someone out there needs me to talk to them.

Start a conversation.

Stand up.