Eastern Elementary cheers on high school graduates

Published 5:37 pm Friday, June 3, 2016

Washington High School seniors walked the “halls” of Eastern Elementary School on June 1 to kick off their gradation celebration and to come back where it all began in 2003. Seniors walked down the sidewalks on Eastern’s campus as all of the EES students cheered them on through signs, balloons, wishes and good luck messages.

When finished, the seniors and first-graders helped dig up the time capsule placed in the ground when the class of 2016 buried it before they left Eastern Elementary. While seniors searched through the buried treasures of their childhood, they also enjoyed looking at class pictures from when they attended Eastern Elementary from 2003-2005. Eastern students truly got a wonderful experience in seeing their future before them. One student asked his teacher, “Will you be here cheering me on when I am a big kid like them?”

The seniors were overwhelmed discovering what they wrote in first grade and enjoyed knowing they have reached many of their childhood dreams or are on their way. This will now be an ongoing tradition for Washington High School and Eastern Elementary School to help make this full-circle moment become something to look forward to year after year. A special thanks to Sanford Debose for taking the pictures and always helping to preserve each student’s memories.