Clerk of Court office to host open house

Published 1:46 pm Tuesday, August 23, 2016

This year the N.C. Judicial Branch is celebrating the 50th anniversary of District Court. 

As part of the celebration Tyrrell County Clerk of Court’s office will host a special Open House to help educate the community on the role of the Judicial Branch and the role of courts across the state.

The Open House, with special presentations and tours, will be held from 3-5 p.m., Friday, Aug. 26, in Courtroom B (Courthouse Annex), 403 Main St., Columbia.

“An anniversary like this is a rare occasion,” said Angie Sexton, Clerk of Superior Court of Tyrrell County. “The Tyrrell County Courthouse is excited to bring this celebration to the community in an effort to share and recognize the importance of courts in our community. I hope that this celebration helps bring together key court system stakeholders and its citizens.”

North Carolina’s unified court system, established in 1966, consists of three divisions: the appellate division, the superior court division, and the district court division.

The state is divided into district court districts for electoral purposes and administrative purposes. Also, the district court sits in the county seat of each county.

Unlike the superior court, district court districts are not grouped into larger judicial divisions. Each administrative district court district has a chief district court judge who manages the administrative duties of the court. District courts, or trial courts, can be divided into four categories — civil, criminal, juvenile, and magistrate.

“Our courts process nearly three million cases each year, cases that help keep our citizens safe, our economy vibrant, and our rights and liberties secure,” said Chief Justice Mark Martin. “I invite every North Carolinian to join in this celebration by learning more about North Carolina’s Judicial Branch and the importance of courts.”