Deed transfers: Aug. 13-19, 2016

Published 1:22 pm Monday, August 29, 2016

Aug. 15

Land and Waterfront Properties LLC to Karen O’Donnell Blair, Bath Township, lot 71, Winfield Est.

Rolla T. Williams to PCS Phosphate Company Inc., Richland Township, Dave Avenue, 2.53 acres

South Bay Point LLC to David Nguyen, Bath Township, lot 71, Bath South Bay Pointe

Kathryn A. Wetherington to Jeremy Scott Wetherington, Chocowinity Township, 2 tracts, SR 1164; tract 1, 0.96 acres; tract 2, Godley Road

Shauna S. Moody to Heather Marie Boe-Fanning, SR 1952 and N.C. Highway 33

Ermon Spencer Jr. to Bean Property LLC, Washington, Van Norden Street

Martha Anderson to Bean Property LLC, Washington, 2 tracts, Market and Seventh streets; tract 1, lot 1; tract 2, lot 2

Shirley Brinson to Orman Brinson, Washington Township, SR 1410 and 1411, 5 acre, lot 2-A


Aug. 16

Tara L. Gallien to Walter D. Huber, Washington, lot 68-69, Hudnells Bragaw Blount

Sylvia C. Mills to Green Eggs and Ham Properties LLC, Bath Township, N.C. Highway 92, lot 5

Robert A. Perkins Jr. to Susan B. Perkins, Chocowinity Township, N.C. Highway 33, lot 3

Donald Raymond Cox to Carolina Rows LLC, Bath Township, 33.181 acres, N.C. Highway 92

Bruce L. Donald to Lauren A. Parker, Washington, Second Street, 0.1 acre


Aug. 17

Melissa Freeman TR to Sidney Alekman, Chocowinity Township, lot 105, Cypress Landing

Ermon Spencer Jr. to Bean Property LLC, Washington, Van Norden Street, Rosetta

Ermon Spencer Jr. to Bean Property LLC, Washington, Van Norden and Ninth streets

Ermon Spencer Jr. to Bean Property LLC, Washington, Moore Lane, 0.85 acres

Ermon Spencer Jr. to Bean Property LLC, Chocowinity, Moore Lane

Ermon Spencer Jr. to Bean Property LLC, Chocowinity, N.C. Highway 33 and Moore Lane, 1.48 acres, parcel B

Bruno Pisano to Charles F. Rose Jr., Chocowinity Township, lot 120, Cypress Landing

Clayton I. Duncan to Woody Beddoes, no specifics listed

Laura Boyd Annie Price to Jimmy Ray Harrison, Long Acre Township, U.S. Highway 264 and SR 1343


Aug. 18

David Ray McFarland to David Ray McFarland, Chocowinity Township, 2 tracts; tract 1, lot 82; tract 2, lot 81, Bay Harbour

U.S. Bank Trust NA TR to Jason L. McCall, Washington

Ella S. Smith to Antionette Tuten Booth, Washington Township, SR 1506, Keysville Road, 0.46 acres

Robert H. Jessup III to Tyler Pate Allen, Chocowinity Township, SR 1119, lot 27, Hill’s Point

Anna B. Edwards to Nathan Wesley Cross, Washington Township, 1 acre

Therese M. Finn to Glenda S. Nepper, Washington, lot 2, block C, Iron Creek

Local Government Federal Credit Union to Matkins Farms Inc., Long Acre Township, SR 1507, Slatestone Road, 2.25 acres

Elsie M. Gargaro to John Michael Gargaro, Williamsburg Road, 0.534 acres, lot 48, Tranters Creek Est.

Alvin M. Johnston to Paige H. Stocks, Bath Township, Catnip Point Road and Sr 1741 and Bath Creek, lot 10, Catnip Point


Aug. 19

Deborah K. Eldridge to George T. Eldridge, Pantego Township, lot 7, Haven Park

Edward C. Irvine to Patricia Franz Schupp, Washington, 2 tracts, Old Second Street, tract 1, Brown Street., lot 125, Brownsville

Wiley Christopher Stancill to Wiley Benjamin Stancill, Chocowinity Township, lot 10, Long Point Landing

Raymond L. Midgett to Patricia Franz Schupp, Washington, Charlotte and Main streets

Scott Jay Campbell to Alvin M. Johnston Jr., Washington, Fire Station Lofts, Condominiums, unit 201

Donald Ward to Alberto Dominguez Mario Munoz, Chocowinity Township, U.S. Highway 17 and SR 1168, 0.588 acres

Margaret Mann Davis to Charles T. Browne, Bath Township, Pamlico River

Nationstart Mortgage LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C., Chocowinity Township, lot 2

Bradford Scott Hancox TR to Christine Sunderland Laila Hayes, lot 22 and 23, block 19, Crystal Beach Est.

Robert E. Gose Jr. to Lois B. Moore, 3 parcels; parcel 1, 31 acres; parcel 2, Bath Township

Phillip K. Flower to Frank Forrest Humbles, Bath Township, 0.830 acres

Jeffrey Lee Humbles to Phillip K. Flowers, Bath Township, 0.831 acres