Beacon Street videos promote Washington’s assets

Published 10:36 pm Sunday, September 25, 2016

There are many aspects of Washington that make it a special place to live.

Whether part of team “little” or team “original,” all can agree on some of its best aspects: a distinctive line of homegrown shops along Main and Market streets; the tourists’ jewel in the North Carolina Estuarium; the friendly, smiling faces one might see while strolling about town; and, of course, the natural beauty that is the Pamlico River.

Those are the aspects Beacon Street Development has worked to highlight in its series of more than 20 promotional videos.

The developers behind Moss Landing Harbor Homes and Norfleet Point, Beacon Street’s marketing director Justin Hime said the videos are an extension of what the company is about — creating a sense of place.

“One of the things that we enjoy doing is being able to … show the value and the lifestyle of a place,” Hime said. “To give people a window into what Washington has to offer.”

The series of videos features locations such as the Estuarium, Backwater Jack’s Tiki Bar and Grill, Cottage Junkie Antiques, Grubs Brothers Eatery and Lemonade Art Gallery, to name a few.

Beacon Street President Jim Wiley said the videos are just as much for locals as they are for out-of-towners.

“It’s sort of like carrying around pictures of your children and your grandchildren,” Wiley said. “It’s encouragement for people already that call Washington home or close to it.”

He said the promotional videos are marketing tools for Beacon Street, as well as the businesses or organizations participating. The goal is to attract people to an actual place — its homes, its landscape, its businesses — and Wiley said anyone who considers Moss Landing, for example, has to fall in love with Washington, too, no matter the final decision on a home.

“I think about Backwater Jack’s, for example. There’s 17,000 views of just Backwater Jack’s video at this point,” Wiley said. “Clearly, it certainly makes me want to go eat there.”

Hime said he has enjoyed forming relationships with people around Washington, and hopes local viewers get excited to see familiar faces. He said he respects the small business owners who took a risk to realize their dreams.

“There’s no camera tricks. We’re not making anything up. We’re not scripting anything,” Hime said. “They have an incredible story to tell.”

In the near future, Beacon Street Development plans to rerelease the video feature on The Bank Bistro & Bar and debut a new video about The Schooner Jeannie B. Hime said he is working on another long-form video and plans to expand into eastern Beaufort County, as well.

“These stories are scattered all over Washington,” he said. “We love telling their stories and championing their causes as an expression of belief.”

To view the promotional videos, visit and search for the “Beacon Street Development” page.