Ugandan choir set to perform in Washington

Published 5:44 pm Monday, September 26, 2016

Hailing all the way from Uganda, a group of 18 children is making its way to Harvest Church this weekend, as part of an African Children’s Choir performance.

This touring group is one of many children’s choirs from the program, founded by Ray Barnett in 1984, that perform internationally with one goal in mind: raising money so Ugandan children can go to school.

“The children came from Uganda Aug. 29. It’s their first time ever in America,” tour chaperone Kyle Serquinia said. “These kids have so much energy, and they love seeing things for the first time.”

Once the children arrived last month, they underwent training and rehearsals at the African Children’s Choir house in Apex. Singing contemporary Christian songs and some traditional favorites from home, the choir, made up of 11 girls and seven boys and ranging from ages 8-10, is ready to share its talent with the world.

Each concert averages 80 minutes, Serquinia said, and the group is set to perform all over North Carolina. At the Harvest Church performance Sunday, guests can expect to see a high-energy show, with costume changes, church-goer favorites and traditional African drumming and dancing — not to mention performers giving it their all.

“They love to do it. … It’s just a huge part of their culture and how they were raised,” Serquinia said. “We’ll also have an opportunity to give an offering that helps kids in Africa go to school.”

He said the audience will also learn children’s names and have an opportunity to purchase CDs, DVDs and authentic Ugandan jewelry.

After performing in the United States for the next six months, the children’s group plans to travel to and perform in the United Kingdom. It’s a busy schedule, with schooling and other activities woven in with performances, according to Serquinia, but the children always keep a positive attitude.

More importantly, they are building the foundation for their peers to have access to an education and relief efforts.

“The kids bring so much energy and joy and just fun,” Serquinia said. “Coming to the concert is something you won’t regret.”

The African Children’s Choir will perform at Harvest Church, 2020 W. 15th St., Washington, Sunday at 6:30 p.m. There is no cost to attend. For more information, visit