‘Fit for Fashion’ celebrates success with style

Published 6:20 pm Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Models from Washington, Williamston, Greenville and Jamesville will walk the Washington Civic Center stage Thursday night during “Fit for Fashion,” a fundraising partnership between two local businesses.

The downtown clothing store Russell’s of Washington and Fitness Unlimited have teamed up raise money for BOCO Young Life and WyldLife, youth ministries for high-school- and middle-school-age children. According to Russell’s ladies department manager Ronda Lyons, the idea for the fundraiser was sparked by Fitness Unlimited owner Amy Thomas’ desire to recognize those gym members who’ve achieved major weight loss and lifestyle changes through Fitness Unlimited’s 20/30 Fast Track program.

“Amy approached me about this months ago and wanted to do something to showcase some of the success stories from the gym,” Lyons said.

Lyons is providing the clothing; Fitness Unlimited, the models. They range in age from 28 to 75 and in size from a 4 to a 14.

Lyons said her passion for her job in retail sales is spurred by helping customers look their best, which made her a natural fit as stylist for “Fit for Fashion.”

“This is what drives me: is to have someone leave the shop who loves the way they look and the way they feel,” Lyons said. “It’s not just any one group that’s doing the modeling; it’s not just Russell’s customers. We’re reaching out to all sizes, all ages, for good causes.”

Young Life and its middle-school counterpart, WyldLife, are those good causes. The Beaufort County programs have a strong membership and Lyons said she’s witnessed the nearly immediate benefits of programs’ tenets: teaching children their lives have worth, meaning and purpose through patience, trust and consistency, according to the Young Life website.

“The cool thing is it’s a ministry that’s led by nothing by volunteers who want to reach kids on their turf,” Lyons said.

All “Fit for Fashion” proceeds will be donated to the two organizations.

“For $25, you’re getting some great food, a fashion show and surprises along the way,” Lyons said.

Tickets to Thursday’s event can be purchased at Russell’s, Washington-Beaufort County Chamber of Commerce and Fitness Unlimited. For more information, call 252-946-2120.