Town manager proposes fines

Published 2:38 pm Friday, September 30, 2016

Town manager Rhett White on Sept. 6 proposed that Columbia aldermen pass an ordinance to make leaving grass clippings or leaves on the streets punishable by a $50 penalty.

He explained the situation this way: “Grass clippings and leaves are allowed to accumulate on town streets and in gutters that restrict the flow of water and block storm drains. This causes standing water, slow storm water drainage and sluggish and blocked storm drains.

“This problem is magnified when residents, property owners and contract lawn care firms mow toward the street or blow clippings onto the street, leaving the clippings there.”

White’s solution is for the aldermen to amend the Town Code by inserting a new section 50.12, which would read as follows:

“(A) No person shall blow grass clippings or leaves onto the streets and leave them there.

“(B) Grass clippings and leaves shall be placed in garbage bags and placed at street side in neat piles, so located that such refuse can be easily located on trucks for disposal.

“(C) Penalty — When necessary town employees will clean up grass and leaves left on streets and in gutters and assess the tenant or property owner a $50 penalty for the infraction.”

Aldermen deferred action and said they would discuss the proposal later.