Tyrrell County Board of Education meets

Published 2:03 pm Friday, September 30, 2016

The Tyrrell County Board of Education on Sept. 12 approved student transfers and the Student Health Advisory Council roster for 2016-17, and it reviewed test data from the 2015-16 school year.

The board heard information on the Return to Learn regulations for the district Concussion and Head Injury policy, and information on the location of a fifth Automated External Defibrillator unit to be placed in the Career and Technical Education building on the high-middle school campus.

The school board also reviewed information on the upcoming visit from State Superintendent June Atkinson on Sept. 22 and a resolution by the Town of Columbia to expand the School Crossing Zone on U.S. Highway 64 to increase student safety.

In other school news, the Student Health Advisory Council has set a goal to provide each school with a water bottle filling station.

“Drinking more water and being focused on good health is a vital step in achieving our overall academic goals,” commented Dr. Will Hoffman, superintendent.

New water bottle filling stations are to be placed in the gym lobby and cafeteria commons area at Columbia Middle School and Columbia High School, and at a designated area at Tyrrell Elementary School, Dr. Hoffman stated.

“Tyrrell County Schools strives daily to meet the needs of our students. These needs include academic, physical, social, emotional and psychological,” Dr. Hoffman said.

As a result, Tyrrell County Schools has applied for the Trillium System of Care grant. If chosen as recipients of this grant, Tyrrell County Schools will use matching funds to add a large piece of playground equipment at Tyrrell Elementary School. The equipment is approved under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Additionally, a new swing set would be added to Columbia’s Children’s Playground on Scuppernong Drive if the grant is forthcoming. This park would also receive new basketball goals and new tennis court nets.

Finally, these funds would help establish a safe basketball area behind Madge Van Horne Auditorium where students will be able to play basketball on two 10-feet goals in a specified half-court area.