Ponzer Ruritan Club supports graduates

Published 3:22 pm Friday, October 7, 2016

The Ponzer Ruritan Club has long been known for community service, for reaching out to those who may have specific needs, and a resource for good will for those whose desires, goals or needs of a particular nature that may be overlooked by other resources. Club members experience a great sense of fellowship among themselves and others in the community.

The Ruritan Club, with facilities located approximately 10 miles east of Belhaven on U.S. Highway 264, recently took the opportunity to demonstrate these traits as they made their Annual Scholarship Awards. Each year, high schools in Hyde and eastern Beaufort counties are notified of the opportunity to submit candidates from their senior classes. In addition, students already enrolled in a college program are given the opportunity to submit an application. AS was the case this year, there were two “repeat recipients” from a previous school year. Ruritan members consult with school counselors and teachers to determine the final list of applicants. Seven students were selected to receive the scholarships.

These students, including the colleges they will be attending are: Daniel Thomas, East Carolina University; Janeth Alonzo Burgas, ECU; Taylor Mann, UNC-Wilmington; Chase Carawan, North Caroline State University; Shakera Davis, UNC-Chapel Hill; Olivia Van Essendelft, UNC-Pembroke; and Ashley Eakes, Beaufort County Community College. Ruritan scholarships are made directly to the students’ account to maintain good stewardship of the club’s finances. The total awards for 2016 were $3,000. Those desiring assistance for next year should confer with their teachers, professors, counselors or a member of the club prior to the end of school.

The Ruritan Club in Ponzer has assisted many following fires, tornados and hurricanes. Additional funding has provided medications, food and other necessities brought on by loss of employment, family members’ medical needs or similar needs as may arise.

Funds for these and other projects come, primarily, from the sales of their famous “Whole Hog Sausage” made each November–March. This has become a great time of fellowship for club members and those who purchase fresh homemade sausage. Ponzer Ruritan sausage have become in such demand, there are purchasers from several surrounding towns, counties and as far away as Virginia. They are so well known, the club has had to facilitate a pre-order system. This is mandated by the fact that hogs and (“secret”) spices have to be ordered a full 14 days before the scheduled “sausage making and sales” day.

Deadline for ordering sausage for the month of November is Nov. 5. The whole hogs that come from an area butcher shop will be cut, ground, spices added for either mild or hot, weighed and placed in plastic bags ready to be picked up by those who have made reservations. They will be distributed by club members to those who have made prior arrangements. Pick-up day is Nov. 19, from 2-5 p.m. The public should not that this entire project is monitored by the Hyde County Environmental Health Department.

Anyone interested in purchasing sausage or obtaining more information concerning this event and other activities of the Ponzer Ruritan Club may call Bud or Cathy Clayton at 252-943-3123, prior to 9 p.m. If you call and do not receive an answer, please leave your name and a good contact number and they will return your call. If you know a member of the club, you may speak with them to obtain more information or to place your order.