Acts of kindness in times of need

Published 1:01 am Monday, October 17, 2016

Weeks ago, we wrote and discussed the importance of “working together” to help our revitalization efforts in the central business district.

Today, though, let me discuss how this writer has witnessed working together in a much broader and prouder scenario.

Washington continues to be the best! Not second, third or honorable mention. The best! Adversity might build character, but it also will expose character, and Washington’s character was exposed.

We as a city, county and state have just suffered through a devastating hurricane, and we have all witnessed people taking care of one another. Our city, county and state governments have been on constant vigil preparing citizens for wind, rain and devastating floodwaters. Our city departments have been working around the clock to provide our citizens with information they need to remain safe — from police, fire, EMS, public works, IT, library and recreation departments. They should be complimented!

Yes, we lost power, but never hope or personnel who were willing to work to guarantee our safety.

The county government did the same. They were prepared for the worst and pulled together with all the commissions in the county to help citizens through the hard times.

Our state government and our governor kept us abreast and gave us all 24-hour coverage and guarantees of supplies, workers and extra help if needed.

Not to leave out any group, but to include one that we sometimes forget, is the linemen, who brave the elements to keep us with as much power as they can and to restore it as soon as they can. We witnessed crews cutting down trees and limbs, so that they would not sever existing lines to prevent more outages.

One group of people I would truly like to mention is you, the people! So many acts of kindness, generosity and just plain care for others were amazing. Helping neighbors move furniture, cooking meals, sharing and opening restaurants to feed those close by all has taken me back. The human act of kindness has been demonstrated by so many that it has a lasting effect on this writer. And you wonder why you are the best? Yes, I am sure other cities did the same, and we applaud them, too. Watching first hand my hometown respond with such kindness and generosity has been an emotional event for me.

From the bottom of my heart, I am so thankful and blessed to be from Washington. If we all could work together for our central business district, it would be “a piece of cake” to get it done.

This article may have been a deviation from other articles, but I felt it was one that needed to be expressed. The WHDA is thankful for all of you, and you wonder why we work so hard for you and our beautiful downtown Washington? Please do not. Until next week, always shop, dine and play in the friendliest town — Washington, N.C., and always take a walk with the H-Rob.

Harold Robinson is the executive director of the Washington Harbor District Alliance.