Write Again . . . How splendid it has been

Published 5:22 pm Monday, October 24, 2016

We are told — or perhaps read somewhere — that we are the sum total of our parts.

There is truth in this, of course. I would think, somehow, that we are all that, and more.

All the people we’ve known, all the experiences we have had, make up this sum total.

Having good parents most certainly was a positive part of my sum total.

Being blessed with a uniquely wonderful wife, two fine daughters, and three marvelous grandchildren, has been the cornerstone of my life. Everything else is secondary to that.

My three years of active duty service in the Army remains, even now well over a half-century later, a seminal event in my life’s journey.

Living almost 20 years on the Outer Banks stamped its imprimatur on our entire family.

Our girls went through school there, and Sally and I both worked in the school system. I had various assignments over the course of the years. This included teaching middle school and high school students, serving as an assistant principal, and then in the central office in several different capacities.

Then, of course, there was the athletics coaching. At one time or another I coached varsity football, girls and boys basketball, and girls and boys cross country, and track and field. Being asked to start track and cross country was a challenge I welcomed.

How many thousands of miles I rolled up in activity buses going to and from games and meets would probably be little short of amazing.

Among the several summer jobs I had was working at Wright Brothers National Memorial, and at the Elizabeth II State Historic site. Most enjoyable; and I was given the opportunity of meeting people from just about all over this land.

Our time together in Manteo and on the Outer Banks was perhaps the most important and meaningful experience of our family life. We have memories we’ll value forever. And deep gratitude, as well.

So now, in the evening of our lives, we can look back and truly say, “How splendid the day has been.”

One of the constants in my life has been a love of running, reading and music. Only two of these pursuits remain an option for me now. (One and a half, really.) Disappointing though this is, I still count my blessings. To do less would be ungrateful.

So. If you have managed to read this all the way through, thank you. Such scribblings are too self-focused, I know. Thanks for indulging me.

Please know, also, that I know each of you has a story you could tell. I mean, it’s your life. At least just as important as mine, and probably a lot more interesting.

And so, until we meet here again next week, let us all realize every day is a blessing.

‘Til then.

APROPOS — “There is no wealth but life.”

— John Ruskin