Pinetown man named logger of the year

Published 7:17 pm Sunday, October 30, 2016


From Forestry Mutual Insurance Company


RALEIGH — Forestry Mutual Insurance Company honors its top safety performers with E.K. Pittman Safety Awards on an annual basis. E.K. Pittman, the first chair of Forestry Mutual serving from 1971-1984, was a strong proponent of safety and the use of safety personal protective equipment The E.K. Pittman Safety Award for Logger of the Year recognizes only those top performing loggers that show a genuine concern for the safety of their crew and go above and beyond the basic safety requirements to ensure a safe and productive environment.

This year, Forestry Mutual’s Logger of the Year for North Carolina was presented to Wade Biggs of Pinetown.

Biggs, who owns and operates Wade T. Biggs & Sons Logging, received the award at the North Carolina Forestry Association’s Annual Meeting. Biggs got into the logging business with his father while working on the family farm. He started his own company in 1985 with a three-man operation. Today, he has an eight-man crew, including his two sons, Travis and Thomas.

“Wade and his sons run a first-class operation,” stated Forestry Mutual President Keith Biggs, who is not related to Wade. “His company has not filed a claim since becoming a policyholder in 2011. Safety is the company’s top priority. A lot of times we ask ourselves where is our next generation of loggers going to come from? Well, it’s obvious that our industry relies on quality, family-run operations like Wade has created by his hard work and determination through the years.”

Wade Biggs credited the support he has received over the years by friends and family, especially his wife, Carolyn, who he credits for sticking by him when he had to make big decisions — right or wrong — she was there to support him. The entire Biggs family was on hand to celebrate.