Time for younger generations to step up

Published 9:15 pm Sunday, October 30, 2016


Today, let us talk about “stepping up” in the same context as we did “working together,” but with a little different slant.

This time, let us talk about our younger generation stepping up in roles of leadership to help us meet the revitalization efforts of our downtown. After all, it will one day be theirs.

The greatest generation has slowly passed the banner on to the next generation (mine). Many of us have failed to move this banner forward like our parents did, but we have learned many valuable life lessons in the process. Our greatest generation always stepped up to make sure their children had whatever it took to be successful. It could have been schools, opportunities and access to what we needed to be successful. It was there for us! They made sure that their kids had better than they had and worked hard and sacrificed so that we had it. We had great role models that lived the example, and hopefully, we followed and times were good, and we can say, the best of times.

We now are appealing to our young parents to “step up.” It is your turn to carry the banner and move it forward by getting involved in our efforts to help revitalize our central business district. We know you have jobs, children, payments to make and many other situations that can hamper your involvement on a day-to-day basis. Regardless, it is your turn to help us make Washington the best it can be. We need you and your city needs you.

Our city and central business district needs young, fresh and progressive ideas that will help move Washington forward. There is no better time than the present to do so. Please do not wait because your children will need the very opportunities others have had, and it is your responsibility to provide them. Your children will thank you and your town will thank you. Your civic groups, city organizations and the Washington Harbor District Alliance sure want you. We have some young members on our board who have added a breath of fresh air into each of our meetings. They are aggressive and progressive and just what this city needs to move forward. Take advantage of the time you can share with the older members, so that their wise and caring advice will be beneficial long after they have left.

Please let your feelings be known and give us your advice as to what you may want to assure and prevent complacency moving forward. Better still, get more involved in city government, boards, civic groups and the WHDA!

We will foster and nourish your ideas, while listening to the opportunities these thoughts may bring to our city. It is time we listened to our young business leaders and offer them the guidance they will need to grow and keep Washington as the best! We have had our turn, and now the banner must be given to them if we are to grow. Our central business district needs you and the revitalization efforts needs the energy you may bring. Please step up and do not let this opportunity or time pass you by.

These are only my ideas and suggestions, and at a later time, we will talk about the very broad subject of leadership and success, but until then, I hope that you will take time in this holiday season approaching to stay home and shop, dine and play in beautiful Washington. And you are always welcome to take a walk with the H-Rob!

Harold Robinson is the executive director of the Washington Harbor District Alliance.