Residents encouraged to eliminate mosquito-breeding areas

Published 5:09 pm Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Town of Columbia

As a result of the recent flooding associated with Hurricane Matthew, Columbia residents are encouraged to eliminate mosquito-breeding areas around their homes and properties. The removal of water sources where mosquito larvae can grow will go a long way toward reducing the mosquito population.

Mosquitoes prefer manmade containers for their breeding grounds, so it is important to clear small containers, utensils, old tires, recreational objects, pots and similar items that will hold standing water. Mosquitoes prefer these spaces because they are without natural predators.

Officials state that it takes as little as five days for mosquito larval development. The eggs, which attach themselves to the sides of containers, can be viable for up to a month without water, hatching when water again returns to the container. This makes it important to scrub the eggs off containers after dumping.

It is important to address junk litter that might contain water not just in business storage yards and around garages, but in residential properties and local businesses.

Even an unkept pool provides an ideal mosquito breeding area.

The Town of Columbia sprays throughout the town to help keep the mosquito population down.

For additional information, call 252-796-2781.