Polls closed, results coming in live

Published 10:41 pm Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Beaufort County polls closed at 7:30 p.m. after opening at 6:30 this morning.

Candidates are vying for a number of seats on the local level: Board of Commissioners, Board of Education, Soil & Water Conservation District, Register of Deeds, North Carolina House District 6, N.C. House District 3 and N.C. Senate District 1.

There are 21 precincts in the county. All precincts are reporting results: Surry Bath (716 votes), Blounts Creek (300), River Road (516), Beaver Dam (464), Washington No. 1 (364), Edward (326), Belhaven (453), Old Ford (384), North Creek (531), Washington Park (369), Gilead (288), Pinetown (410), Woodard’s Pond (433), Hunter’s Bridge (317), Washington No. 4 (415), Washington No. 2 (270), Tranter’s Creek (633), Pantego (428), Aurora (321), Washington No. 3 (310) and Chocowinity (705).

The following county-level results are unofficial until the final ballot canvassing on Nov. 18. Statewide totals are listed in italics.


VOTING RESULTS: All precincts

Board of Commissioners:
Jerry Langley-4481
Hood Richardson-4661
Jerry Evans-3313
Derik Davis-3218
Robert Belcher-2911
Gary Brinn-3271
Greg Satterthwaite-1236

Donald Trump-14478
Hillary Clinton-8699
Gary Johnson-422
Jill Stein-18

With 2702 of 2704 precincts reporting, Trump has taken North Carolina.

U.S. Congress: 
Walter Jones-15903
Ernest Reeves-7429

With all precincts reporting, Jones is ahead with about 67 percent.

U.S. Senate:
Richard Burr-14247
Deborah Ross-8369
Sean Haugh-867

Burr is projected to take this race, with more than 51 percent of the votes.

Pat McCrory-14542
Roy Cooper-8790
Lon Cecil-320

With 2702 of 2704 precincts reporting, Cooper has eked out a 0.08-percent lead. The governor’s race is not expected to be called until the Nov. 18 canvassing.

BOE District 1:
Eltha Booth-1973

BOE District 3:
Barbara Boyd-Williams-1799

BOE District 5:
David Daniel-717
Mac Hodges-1383
Kate A. Phelps-580

BOE District 7:
Carolyn Walker-1962

BOE District 9:
Terry W. Draper-1266
Mike Isbell-838

N.C. Senate-District 1: 
Bill Cook-13299
Brownie Futrell-9994

Cook leads Futrell, 52,687 to 36,350, with all precincts reporting. 

N.C. House-District 3:

Michael Speciale-3733
Marva Fisher Baldwin-3937

Speciale leads Baldwin statewide with almost 67 percent of the votes.

N.C. House-District 6:
Beverly Boswell-9648
Warren Judge-5504

Beverly Boswell captured this race by about 1,500 votes. Judge died earlier this week, but his wife Tess was appointed to step in.

Register of Deeds:
Jennifer Whitehurst-18375

Soil & Water:
Tracy Warren-18503

Lt. Governor:
Dan Forest-14070
Linda Coleman-8607
Jacki Cole-477

Forest currently has the edge at about 52 percent.

Attorney General:
Buck Newton-13679
Josh Stein-9221

Stein is ahead by just 0.44 percent of votes.

Chuck Stuber-13123
Beth A. Wood-9480

With all precincts reporting, Wood barely edged out Stuber by 0.06 percent.

Steve Troxler-14570
Walter Smith-8315

Troxler is expected to take the race with 55.6 percent of the votes.

Mike Causey-13551
Wayne Goodwin-9101

Causey pulled out a win by almost 40,000 votes.

Cherie Berry-14370
Charles Meeker-8373

Berry leads by about 475,000 votes statewide.

Secretary of State:
Michael LaPaglia-12757
Elaine Marshall-9914

Marshall is at 52 percent, with all precincts reporting.

Public Instruction:
Mark Johnson-13471
June Atkinson-9212

Johnson pulled ahead by about 55,000 ballots.

Dale R. Folwell-14001
Dan Blue III-8639

Folwell pulls out a win with almost 53 percent of the vote.

Supreme Court:
Michael R. Morgan-9865
Robert H. Edmunds-10869

Morgan takes the win, 2,134,015 votes to Edmunds’ 1,785,452.

Court of Appeals (Stephens):
Phil Berger Jr.-13507
Linda Stephens-8902

Berger wins this race by 26,202 votes.

Court of Appeals (Geer):
Hunter Murphy-13117
Margaret Eagles-8209
Donald Ray Buie-1108

Murphy pulls out the win with 48.76 percent.

Court of Appeals (Hunter):
Bob Hunter-14279
Abe Jones-8089

With all precincts reporting, Hunter wins the seat, 54.43 percent to 45.57 percent.

Court of Appeals (Dietz):
Richard Dietz-13966
Vince Rozier-8279

Dietz will keep his seat, earning 53.5 percent of the vote.

Court of Appeals (Zachary):
Valerie Zachary-13939
Rickye McKoy-Mitchell-8248

Zachary takes this race by more than 33,000 votes.

District Court Judge:
Chris McLendon-17108

District Court Judge:
Michael A. Paul-17728

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