Eastern Elementary celebrates Red Ribbon Week

Published 3:07 pm Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Red Ribbon campaign is a weeklong event designed to teach our youth about drug awareness. At Eastern Elementary, we concentrate on healthy living. The students at EES celebrated Red Ribbon Week with a variety of activities. Students were given red ribbons to wear on their clothing or book bag. If students were “caught wearing a red ribbon,” their names were put in a special drawing that was selected at the end of the week. Students also showed their support of living healthy by participating in silly socks day and crazy hair day. An assembly was held to enlighten the students in all aspects of healthy living. Nurse Pfieffer spoke about eating healthy, coach Ham about the importance of exercise, and school counselor Ms. Picone spoke of social health. During the assembly, the students ran a 400-meter race in place and took a quiz on bullying. The week culminated in a poster contest in which each class was asked to enter. Nicole Howard and Ashley Padgett were the honored judges. First place went to Ms. Beeman’s first-grade class, second went to Ms. Haddock’s kindergarten class and third-place to Ms. Jones’s first-grade class. The students had a fun and informative week learning about good health.