Some BCS employees to receive bonuses

Published 2:41 pm Thursday, November 24, 2016


Some Beaufort County Schools employees can expect to see a small bonus next month.

At Monday night’s Board of Education meeting, the board discussed a state-mandated Merit Pay Plan, in which non-instructional employees will receive a one-time bonus by Feb. 1, 2017.

Mark Doane, assistant superintendent of Beaufort County Schools, said this will include custodians, child nutrition employees, bus drivers and monitors, receptionists and teaching assistants, to name several — a total of 360 employees in the county.

Employees who do not qualify for this bonus include teachers, administrators, substitutes and afterschool or special program employees.

Although the state did allot some money to cover the cost of the bonus, bonuses for locally funded employees will have to come from the school district. The federal, state and local levels all fund salaries for employees, and the bonus funds will be drawn from their respective money pools.

Doane said non-instructional employees will receive bonuses between $225 and $400, based on longevity.

The pay grade is as follows: up to five years, $225; six to 10 years, $250; 11-15 years, $300; 16-21 years, $350; more than 21 years, $400.

According to Doane, the state allotted about $92,000 to help cover the bonuses, but the school district will have to contribute about $40,000.

Don Phipps, superintendent of Beaufort County Schools, said the state’s idea behind the Merit Pay Plan is to recognize the non-instructional employees for their work.

“We feel like the folks that are here are the folks that generally make the least amount of money,” Phipps said.

The board unanimously approved the bonus plan on Monday. Board member Michael Bilbro was not in attendance.

The school district has until February under the law to give out the one-time bonuses, but the board said employees can expect to see it on their December paycheck.